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Purchasing washing equipment is a must ?

Purchasing washing equipment is a must ?


Whether you are running a hotel laundry, a washing company, or a water washing factory, you need to use washing equipment. What should you pay attention to when purchasing this washing equipment? Here, the editor summarizes the following points for your reference.

First of all, we need to choose a manufacturer whose price and quality are suitable for our needs. The selection method for this manufacturer can be found through the introduction of acquaintances and friends, or through the network. Whether you seek it through acquaintances and friends, or through the network, you need to carefully investigate to see whether the quality of the equipment is satisfactory to you, and whether their after-sales service can be done to the standard, In the use of equipment, if there are problems, whether they can be handled in a timely manner. How to arrange the delivery and installation of equipment? After debugging, can we provide training to factory workers and teach them to communicate the daily use and maintenance of equipment in a timely manner? In case these services are not available after purchase, if you encounter problems, you can only make additional arrangements at an additional cost.

After negotiation, if you decide to purchase equipment, be sure to sign a formal contract with the manufacturer. Although some manufacturers have a good service attitude and reputation, if you do not sign a contract, in case of any problem that requires significant cost to solve, the manufacturer may not recognize it or ask you to add fees that you should not have paid. For example, under normal circumstances, the warranty period for washing equipment is one year. Some manufacturers have extended the warranty period in order to increase the transaction rate, and some have set the warranty period to 3 years or longer. At this time, when signing a contract, you need to pay attention to these issues and see if the warranty period is correct. If not, it is necessary to promptly correct them. Although sometimes the warranty period is not so important, as in general, the normal service life of washing equipment is more than 3 years, in case of special circumstances, this can play a significant role. In case of emergencies, the editor recommends that it be specified in the contract.

Thirdly, it is very important to train the workers after the installation and commissioning promised by the manufacturer, as many workers are novices. Although it may be operated by veteran labor unions, their operation may not be

The equipment you purchase varies in terms of its operation methods. Even for equipment from the same manufacturer and different batches of equipment, their modeling and design will be upgraded compared to previous versions, and may differ from previous operations. Therefore, this training is necessary. In addition, it is not only necessary to train employees in their daily operations, but also to enable them to learn how to properly maintain the washing equipment. The service life of the washing equipment is not only related to the equipment itself, but also greatly related to the quality of your maintenance. Maintenance can effectively reduce the probability of equipment failure, and also effectively extend the service life of the equipment.


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