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Regarding the 100kg industrial washing machine, the owners of the linen washing factory are the most

Regarding the 100kg industrial washing machine, the owners of the linen washing factory are the most



Regarding the 100kg industrial washing machine, the answer to the questions that the owners of the linen washing factory are most concerned about.

1How much linen does a 100 kg industrial washing machine put in

Theoretically, a 100 kg industrial washing machine can wash more than 100 kg of linen each time. According to the usage of regular users, if it is a denim type fabric, it is about 120 sets at a time, if it is a chemical fiber type clothing, it is about 100 sets, and if it is a bed linen, it is about 100 sets. However, in fact, many linen materials are different, so it is necessary to repeatedly test them. But in the final analysis, a 100 kg washing machine can hold 100 kg of linen. Do not overload industrial washing equipment for a long period of time, otherwise its life will be greatly reduced.

2、 100kg industrial washing machine brand

Today, the laundry industry is booming, and equipment brands are also diverse. GOWORLD LAUNDRY has a history of more than 30 years now, with a focus on research and development, manufacturing, sales, and service in one. The product varieties include five series of over 100 specifications, including washing equipment, drying equipment, ironing equipment, dry cleaning equipment, and finishing equipment. Utilizing its strong technology, research and development strength, and rich practical experience, the developed products are based on people-oriented, all for the sake of users, adhere to the business philosophy of honesty based, quality based, and convincing people, constantly innovate, actively introduce new technologies and new processes, and can take the industry one step closer. In addition, GOWORLD LAUNDRY Company and its products have successively passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, and product quality CE certification. It is a member of the Washing Equipment Branch of the China Light Industry Association, one of the top 100 enterprises in China's light industry, and one of the top 10 enterprises in China's washing machinery industry. "Constantly providing users with high-tech and high-quality products is the unchanging strategy of GOWORLD LAUNDRY Company.".

3Water consumption of 100 kg industrial washing machine

The entire washing process of a 100 kg washing machine takes 45 minutes, and the water consumption at a time is about 1181 kg.

4Power consumption of 100 kg industrial washing machine

The washing process for a large washing machine of 100kg is approximately 60 minutes, and the power consumption for a single washing is 7.5Kw.

5、 How much is a 100 kilogram industrial washing machine

The prices for offline washing on various shopping websites vary, with new offline washing prices typically ranging from 50000 to 150000, with varying levels of quality. Here is a warm reminder from the editor. If you want to inquire about prices online, it is best to consult customer service, or you can directly check with the manufacturer to avoid unnecessary losses to yourself.

6Pictures of 100 kg industrial washing machine

7Ranking of 100 kg industrial washing machines

In fact, there is no so-called ranking for industrial washing machines. We always say that what suits us is the best. I believe those so-called brand rankings are just gimmicks made by manufacturers to sell. Those big brands, such as Guangdong GOWORLD LAUNDRY Washing Equipment, are excellent in quality and have sufficient market feedback. If you are interested in purchasing equipment, the market will know as soon as you ask. Considering cost performance, brand, or investment, each major brand has its own unique advantages. It is better to blindly believe in the ranking than go to the field to investigate which manufacturer is trustworthy. GOWORLD LAUNDRY Laundry Equipment Co., Ltd. has various patents, and the manufacturer is located in Gaoming District, Guangdong Province. Welcome to your on-site investigation.

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