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Related introduction of hotel washing machine is analysed

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-12

hotel washing machine is also called the special hotel industrial washing machine, washing machine, a series of applied to hotel washing machine to deal with all kinds of linen cleaning products. Then the hotel how many money a washing machine, when the choose and buy what we need to pay attention to? How do you choose for you? In this paper, by analysis for you.

we need to be here, today we are talking about the hotel refers to the capacity of the washing machine is more than 10 kg of hotel washing machine, and non-traditional 7 kg - 10 kilograms of household washing machine, so need everyone to distinguish.

considering the washing effect, rotation requirements, washing cost, process control and so on, more and more hotel will buy a washing machine to wash cloth grass, and to avoid the traditional outsourcing washing effect is not ideal, high washing cost brought by the problem. But when the choice, and many more hotel user will naturally choose washing capacity bigger, better washing effect, longer service life of the hotel washing machine. Due to the unity of application places, so only in the hotel with laundry equipment, laundry equipment and so on the title of this class.

in the current market price in 1. 5 - 30000 yuan range of hotel, washing machine, every time washing capacity: is the traditional home 2 times more than 10 kg washing machine, even water and electricity slightly more, but at least can increase the rate of more than 5% of the wash. Under the same working environment, work under pressure to use, the hotel washing machine can be used at least 5 - More than 8 years. Not only that, with the probability of failure is much lower. So that is why it even slightly higher price, but more the main reason for the users to choose their hotel.

the hotel more than washing machine is washing, bleaching, multiple functional, capacity for 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 70, 100 kilograms of this a few capacity level. Often, the greater the capacity of the higher price. This type of washing machine, often can according to user requirements, including time, temperature, frequency, speed, etc, parameters setting, so it has better washing effect.

in perspective, for different hotel, the hotel washing machine is appropriate for the different accordingly. The demands of large budget, washing, make the choice of the brand, the processing ability are also different. You such as for the budget hotels, they will be more willing to choose better quality, better performance, lower energy consumption of imported hotel washing machine, for some small hotels, they are more willing to choose a more reasonable price, product quality and performance slightly domestic brands.

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