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Safety operation steps of dehydrator

by:GOWORLD     2020-02-26
1. Put the dehydrated articles into the dehydration drum, and pay attention to the uniform. 2, cloth dehydrator motor should be kept dry. Industrial dehydrator and water laundry equipment 3. Turn off the power supply and operate the brake handle intermittently to make the rotating dehydration drum brake gradually. Note: do not brake the drum at once to prolong the service life of the brake. 4. The shell of the cloth dehydrator should be kept clean frequently. Try to wipe the shell with a soft cloth. If conditions permit, you can often apply wax protection layer. Industrial dehydrator and water laundry equipment 5. If they are not used for a long time, they should keep the cloth dehydrator dry and well kept. They should be carefully checked when they are reused and can only be used after they are qualified. 6. If there is any damaged parts during use, they should be repaired or replaced in time. After using this machine for half a year, all parts should be thoroughly inspected. Industrial dehydrator, water laundry equipment 7. Cloth dehydrator bearings should be lubricated frequently. Nano-grease can be used. Oil gun should be used to inject people from Oil nozzles. Grease should be strictly checked and must not contain any other impurities. 8. Pay attention to disengaging the brake before starting dehydration. 9, cloth dehydrator connected to the power supply, dehydration for two minutes to three minutes, pay attention to put evenly. Industrial dehydrator, water washing equipment 10. Switch on the power supply and test run. The running direction should be clockwise (Reverse is strictly prohibited) , No abnormal noise, no violent vibration, after normal operation, turn off the power supply, intermittent braking, so that the rotating dehydration drum gradually braking. Please clean the drum before use. 11, filter suspension and small parts dehydration, should be based on the specific circumstances in the drum lining filter. Industrial dehydrator, water washing equipment 12. Drain the sewage of the cloth and grass dehydrator after each use, and put appropriate amount of water to wash the drum to prevent harmful substances from corroding the drum and dehydration cylinder, so as to prolong the service life of the machine.
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