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Saving Money By Spending Money

by:GOWORLD     2020-06-08
The commercial laundry market has had many changes over the past years and there can be great savings by changing the equipment in the laundry for the up to date models. Nobody likes to spend money on equipment that is working well and has not realised its full write down value but in these times of cut prices and high costs there sometimes has to be a balance in matters. Considering elderly equipment which has most likely been written off then there is little or no book value to write down in the accounts but even if there is the changes in the equipment market have been so rapid and so extreme that they need to be considered. The first instance is the washing machine which has changed massively over the past few years. The speed of operation is now a fraction in time and the fuel costs have decreased massively. This means that savings in labour and increases in productivity reduce the operational costs significantly. The savings in fuel help to reduce the fuel bill when most areas are being stung by the ever increasing fuel prices that are being charged. The latest machines use far less water reducing costs in this area and the latest soap and detergent injectors reduce the cleaning agent bills. Waste water will be less and discharge costs will drop like a stone. When all of these costs are taken together it is quite possible to pay for a new machine in a very short time. The introduction of the hydro extractor has reduced the need for large tumble driers as washing can often be brought to a level where they go straight to the finishing line, those that need drying require much less drying time. Tumble dryers can be bought that can recognise when the wash is dry automatically and switch off the machine. The savings in time of removing the water from the washing is very short and the overall power savings both in using the hydro extractor and limiting the use of the tumble dryer will reduce the long slow tumble drying process and give savings in time and productivity. The same application applies to the latest finishing equipment such as ironers and folding machines. It is worth a discussion with the supplier to get full estimates based both on the manufacturer's forecasts and the suppliers experience and finding out just what can be saved. In many cases the savings will be too large to ignore.
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