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Sensory Inspection Method for Hotel laundry equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-02

When using other methods to inspect laundry equipments in hotels, it can also cooperate with human sensory organs at the same time. This method of using human vision, hearing, smell and touch to cooperate with inspection is called sensory inspection method. Next, we will share relevant content for you, hoping to help you out.

1. 'Look' with your eyes to observe whether the housing of the laundry equipment in the hotel is damaged or deformed, whether the drainage system is normal, whether there is water leakage, whether the pulsator is rubbed with the same place, whether the speed is normal, whether the pulley is slipping, and the circuit is connected Whether the points are falling off, desoldering, the degree of corrosion of parts, whether the motor windings are burnt, etc.

2. 'Listening' with ears is generally performed when the laundry equipment of a hotel is running. Listen for abnormal noise and determine the part that makes the noise, such as the friction sound between the wave wheel and the bottom of the barrel, and the harsh screaming caused by poor lubrication , The rumbling sound caused by the vibration of the barrel, etc.

3. Use your nose to 'sniff' you to find the burnt odor caused by the increase in temperature, which can help determine whether there is a short circuit or poor insulation in the hotel's laundry equipment motor, and whether there is a fault such as poor lubrication.

4. 'Touch' the non-charged parts of the hotel washing machine with your hands. It is easy to use the touch of human skin to find out whether the temperature rise is too high, whether the body vibrates too much during work, and whether the triangle transmission belt is tight or not. When checking the temperature rise of the motor shell, the motor should be operated continuously for about one hour. For safety reasons, when touching the motor shell, capacitor shell, etc. with your hands, unplug the power plug.

Multimeter inspection method
Multimeter is a necessary instrument for repairing laundry equipments in hotels. It can be used to determine the point of failure intuitively and accurately. Multimeters can be used to measure DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, DC resistance and other parameters. In the inspection of hotel laundry equipment, multimeters are commonly used to detect AC voltage and DC resistance.

Use the AC voltage block of the multimeter to check whether the power supply voltage is normal. If it is lower than 380V, the hotel laundry equipment will not work normally. In the case of energization, by measuring the voltage across the motor, it can be judged whether there is an open circuit fault in the circuit. For most multimeters without AC current measurement function, the AC voltage block can also be used to indirectly measure the AC current of the laundry equipment in the hotel. The method is to use a resistor with a resistance R of less than or equal to 10 ohms and a power of more than 3W in series with the hotel laundry equipment motor, and measure the AC voltage at both ends of the resistor after power-on, and whether the power supply voltage is normal can be detected according to Ohm's law.

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