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Setting Up An In House Laundry Operation

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-28
These days you may find that if you run a chain of small businesses that you need to provide laundered uniforms on a daily basis, or you run a hotel that has expanded its business rapidly, then maybe it is time that you considered stopping using a commercial laundry and setting up your own in house operation.
Setting up a small in house laundry is not that difficult or expensive these days, and whilst you will need a moderate amount of room, if you run a chain of shops or a mid-sized hotel then you are likely to have enough spare space somewhere to fit in a laundry operation.
You will need to factor in the initial start up costs of the laundry equipment, however many attractive finance deals are on offer from most equipment suppliers. In addition all suppliers offer leased equipment, which can mean nominal capital outlay at the start. Indeed your only initial expense maybe on preparing the laundry room in terms of decorating it and fitting it out with the relevant utilities and ventilation.
The other consideration when starting up an in house laundry, is staff to run the laundry and training for them. If you are running a hotel then this is likely to be less of an issue as staff can often be redeployed to ensure that it can be manned 24 hours a day e.g. night staff can be co-opted into working in the laundry in quiet spells of the night.
The laundry machines you will need to buy will be commercial grade laundry machines, as they will need to withstand constant use, normal home laundry equipment would breakdown in the first week.
You will need high volume laundry equipment, tumble dryers, hydro extractors (To remove excess water), as well as a variety of ironing and finishing equipment. The latter is particularly applicable to a hotel, where anything from uniforms, to tablecloths, napkins and bedding may need to be laundered and ironed to perfection overnight.
Like a commercial laundry you may end up purchasing two of certain machines in order to provide a backup in case of a breakdown.
A small laundry is not a complex thing to run, however you will need to ensure that you have both a good maintenance agreement in place as well as a backup plan e.g. it is a good idea to have an agreement with a nearby commercial laundry company to cover doing your laundry in the event of any major breakdown.

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