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Simple troubleshooting of hotel washing equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-02-25
1. It is better that the wave wheel of hotel washing equipment is located at the bottom off the center, which can make the water turn up and down irregularly. The wave wheel is located in the middle, and the clothes can only rotate forward and backward, and cannot be turned up and down. 2. Check the timer, drain valve and other switches, and try whether the rotation is flexible. 3. When turning the wave wheel with your hand, it feels light and has no noise. Turn on the power supply of the hotel laundry equipment for a short period of time. If there is no abnormal noise, check whether the timer is working properly. General positive rotation 25-30 seconds, stop for 5 seconds, then reverse 25- 30 seconds, so cycle until the timing deadline. Check the sealing condition of the washing bucket and the drain valve, hang the drain pipe on the side wall of the chassis in advance, then screw the drain knob to the 'on' position, and use the water inlet pipe to fill the hotel washing equipment with clean water. After 15 minutes, check the lower part of the fuselage for water leakage. Finally, check the drainage situation. Generally, it is required to drain a bucket of water within 2 minutes.

drainage slows down.

There are two reasons:

one possibility is that there is a foreign body blockage in the drain valve of the hotel washing equipment, such as cloth, hair, buttons, coins, etc. At this time, there may also be phenomena such as lax closure of drain valve and leakage of drain pipe. The elimination method is to overturn the hotel's linen washing equipment, loosen the spring clip at the connection between the drainage valve and the drain pipe, remove the drain pipe, and remove the blockage from the drain hole of the drain valve.

The second is to operate the drainage valve to move the drainage belt at both ends of the connection is loose, or the belt is loose and longer, the moving distance of the drain valve is reduced, and the opening amount of the valve is reduced, causing the drainage to slow down. If the drainage belt is detached or broken, the drainage fails and the sewage cannot be discharged. At this time, the drainage belt can be adjusted tightly, but do not pull too tightly to avoid water leakage due to lax closure of the drain valve.

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