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Some knowledge you need to know about flatwork ironer

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-01

1. It adopts stepless speed control motor speed control or frequency conversion speed control, which is convenient for users to choose the appropriate ironing speed according to the needs of different fabrics and fabric thickness.
2. The transmission, steam inlet and drainage systems (steam heating type) are respectively placed in the cabinets on both sides, with beautiful and novel appearance, compact structure and small volume.
3. The drum surface is heated by using pressure steam to make the fabric dry and ironed.

Use and operation of flatwork ironer
1. Before ironing the fabric, clean the surface of the drum first, and then wipe the surface of the drum and all parts of the machine with a soft cloth to ensure that the machine is clean.
2. The motor and its control parts must pass an insulation inspection to check whether the dry machine runs normally.
3. Check whether each oil hole is unblocked, and inject an appropriate amount of lubricating oil, and add an appropriate amount of 20 or 40 engine oil to the reducer.
4. Adjust the conveyor belt to ensure that its tension is moderate and not too tight or too loose.

Installation of flatwork ironer
1. There are no special foundation requirements for the installation of the flatwork ironer, but the machine must be placed on a relatively flat concrete floor, and a 1.5-meter operation and maintenance position should be reserved.
2. When installing the machine, please level the steam drum with a spirit level.
3. When installing the machine, the installation position of its inlet steam and drain pipes should be considered in advance.

Fourth, the maintenance of the flatwork ironer
1. Lubricate each bearing once per shift.
2. When the machine is running abnormally, it should be shut down immediately for maintenance. After half a year of normal use, the machine should be shut down for maintenance; the oil in the reducer should be replaced, and the bearings should be cleaned and lubricated.
3. If the machine is not to be used for a long time, remove the frayed belt, wipe the roller and various transmission parts clean and seal it.
4. The safety valve must be regularly checked whether it is working properly and must be sent to the relevant department for verification every year.

Through the introduction of the features, operation, installation and maintenance of the flatwork ironer, I believe many people have a certain understanding of it.

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