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Starting A New Laundry Service Or Replacing An Old One

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-29
In the past the laundry industry has often grown topsy, expanding with demand and with limited planning. The size of laundries now and the cost of running them are such that the whole business has become a major design project in itself. The suppliers of the commercial laundry equipment used to be just suppliers of equipment and very possibly a repair service that was often just a referral to the manufacturer of the equipment.
This has changed rapidly and now it really is worthwhile contacting the supplier before the laundry business is planned and built. These companies now have expert experience on tap, which is worth using and is either free or very cheap in comparison to bought in design. There obviously is a vested interest in designing laundry machines as the hope of the equipment supply is implicit or even contracted as part of the deal.
The best suppliers will provide free site surveys and advice and can follow that up with a laundry planning and design package, which will include all the Computer Aided Drawings. The whole project management can also be supplied. The package of equipment can these days be provided on sale basis or a financed system or a complete rental package.
No doubt the latter systems will appear to cost more, but they do take a lot of work from the user which has to be paid for in house, they also provide a lot of comfort in that there is protection against breakdown and hence loss of income. Standard servicing and replacement systems can be introduced and these are obviously built into most leasing packages. Leasing packages are usually geared over 3 to 5 years. With such systems provided the suppliers are given a reasonably accurate assessment of what the laundry is going to produce in terms of activity the design and implementation can be expected to be excellent.
One of the advantages that is available by going to one supplier is that these packages can be provided to include a range of different manufacturers equipment so that whilst you may prefer laundry equipment from one manufacturer, you can mix it with driers from another and ironing machines from a third manufacturer whilst still maintaining the same repair, service and warranty conditions.
Leasing can be put together no matter whose equipment is used. The supplier if good enough, will also provide good advice on which manufacturer is best suited to which application although he may recommend a choice of a few different companies.

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