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Starting A Welding Business Checklist For Buying

by:GOWORLD     2020-06-05
For a person willing to start a welding business, either for earning money or as a hobby, there are several things that he needs to look into. One of these things is buying good quality welding equipment. Since there are several types of these materials there can already be a lot of confusion among them about buying the equipment. There are many options available and it can become hard for them to decide where to begin. You would not want to make any error or mistake as unlike buying a car or a new set of golf clubs, this particular decision can really make the difference between being successful or failing business. One of the important decisions one has to make is whether to buy new equipment or going for used welding equipment. There are many manufacturers of these equipments - Miller, Lincoln, Esab, Hobart - so which one is the most suitable for your needs. You might also have the question whether to go for all in one machine that can be used for multiple processes, or buy a separate machine for each process? You need to decide between Oxyfuel cutting outfit and plasma cutter; air compressor or electric grinders etc. Here is the list of some basic things that one needs to look into if he is planning to get into welding business: 1. While multi-process machines are good, try to stay away from these machines unless you get a great good deal on one and plan to use it for only one process. This is because, it really takes too much time to swap between the processes and the hoses, torches, and cables are downright unmanageable. 2. For your main Tig welding machine, try finding a Miller syncrowave 250 on different online shopping sites. If you have patience, you can find one with all the accessories for 2000 bones or less. Do not forget to bargain though. 3. For a Mig welding machine, shop online for a Millermatic 250 or Millermatic 3. 4. If space is the problem, a foldable welding table or two is the best. These folding welding tables are strong and you can hang them on the wall to get them out of the way and have extra space. 5. Get electric grinders at first and then get a couple of straight grinders and 4 1/2 inch angle grinders with a good assortment of consumables. 6. If you have a proper shop for your business, it is recommended that you get an oxyfuel cutting, welding, and heating kit. This kit is very useful. 7. You have to make sure that you have a spare cylinder for all your processes. Welding gas cylinders are available in two kinds: leased cylinders that are full sized cylinders, and owners' cylinders. Owners' cylinders are usually about 125 cubic feet or approximately half the capacity of the big ones. It is recommended that you get two owners cylinders for everything as running out of them is never a good thing for your business.
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