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Student Guides - Your Washing Machine

by:GOWORLD     2020-10-01
It may seem like doing laundry should be the easiest thing to do. But there is a right way to use your washing machine. Here are the steps you need to learn how to use your washing machine. You really do need to sort the clothes. Sorry.
Whites and bleached items: Clothes that are white, or undergarments, can be bleached. However, you don't want to bleach your dark jeans or your favourite blue sweater. Any clothes that are solid white, or can be bleached, should be put together in one basket.
Darks: Next you will want to pull out your dark colours. These dark colours can bleed onto other clothes, making your white and light colours dingy, dull and grey. To keep all of your clothes looking their best, place your darkest coloured clothes into another basket.
Colours: These are the clothes that are not dark in colour, but also can not be bleached. This list would include yellows and pastel colours. They are the light coloured clothes that might be made dull by washing with dark colours, and yet you would not want them to be bleached.
Towels, Denims and Reds: Some people also choose to wash towels and denim clothes separately because of their heavier weight. This is done to prevent the heavier items from damaging more delicate items in the wash cycle. If you have a great deal of red clothes in your wardrobe, you may also want to wash them in a dedicated load.
Loading the Machine: A common mistake of many people is overloading the machine. However, this can result in your clothes not becoming as clean. More importantly, the machine can actually become damaged by overloading. To extend the life of your machine, and get your clothes truly clean, items should be loaded loosely, allowing space for them to agitate and rinse. Never cram items into a machine that is already full.
Adding the Soap: The top of your machine has a drawer where soap can be added. Follow the manufacturer's directions on your machine for loading the soap, and follow the directions on your detergent bottle to find the proper amount to add. Liquid detergent should be placed directly in the machine, under the clothing.
Choosing the Temperature: Higher water temperatures do several things. For one thing, they are harder on your clothes. They also cost more as you will have to pay to heat the water that is being used. However, they can get your clothes cleaner. Due to the expense and wear on your clothes, higher temperatures should only be used on heavier fabrics that are heavily soiled. If you are washing delicate and lightweight items, they should be washed using cool water. You will save money on your washing, and you will not have to replace the clothes as often.
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