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Summer arrived hotel washing machine maintenance of 6 small common sense

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-23

the hotel the use of washing machine maintenance is the hotel need to pay attention to the problem, because in the average temperature more than 29 degrees season no matter what kind of hotel will be the high temperature equipment, high frequency of failure, so in such a hot summer hotel should be how to ensure the hotel washing machine properly trouble-free operation and reduce the occurrence of failure?

next, simple said the hotel cleaning equipment for you in the summer, we often do something to prevent the problem we bother to

1, in this hot summer, the first thing to remind hotel owners to be moisture, moisture proof, lightning protection electric machinery, mouldproof, etc, to ensure hotel ventilation, dry work, good science within the hotel on the washing sewage processing, to prevent because of poor hotel environment caused by mechanical failure.

2, moisture is a major problem, hotel summer because such as hotel, washing machine, dryer, ironing machine these machinery is playing with water transport, because the summer air humidity at the same time, once to do a good job of moistureproof prevent wet hotel, is bound to give hotel equipment to avoid the threat of rust machine.

3, such as industrial washing machine and fully automatic washing this kind of product, we in the use of cylinder is immediately after the completion of the laundry washing sewage drain, prevent for sewage discharge and cause mildew and bacteria growth occurs in the washing drum, resulting in washing have a weakness of bacteria not clean, not health.

4, regularly to the hotel for 7 days period for sterilization disinfection work, we can use the factory sales of hotel washing disinfectant as raw material, the hotel of the washing machine or fully automatic washing into the water, one of the three points, and then start the machine to make the idle, we can set time for 40 minutes, the back work out mechanical sewage in the disinfection of the injected water can complete the work.

5, regular check plug, switch, power switch components are abnormal, the abnormal stop check shall be carried out immediately, for of the bearing in the mechanical work of lubrication on a regular basis.

6, after work every day in the face of the various hotel washing machine to clean brush try work, inner tube of various mechanical brush try, to do a good job of cleaning the hotel within the hotel at the same time.

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