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The application areas of professional grass cloth washing equipment and simple configuration

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-18

in recent years, with the continuous development of industrial productivity and science and technology, changing the washing industry in China. Professional grass cloth laundry equipment arises at the historic moment, not only improve the quality of the clothes washing efficiency and, at the same time also brings convenient for many fields of washing work. The linen washing equipment has entered the industry's laundry, learn about the just and its application field and simple configuration.

1。 Hotel industry such as

for hotel, hotel, catering and other industries, its daily washing capacity: is larger, and the required washing stains are difficult to clean, therefore, when selecting a linen laundry equipment have higher requirements. In general, have a certain scale of the hotel, the hotel will have special laundry, washing equipment and configuration, dry cleaning equipment, drying equipment, ironing machine and a series of linen laundry equipment, which based on different ways of linen to choose corresponding washing;

2。 Hospital

is different from other areas of washing, hospitals have higher requirements on clothing washing quality. Because in addition to ensure the surface of the clothes look clean, at the same time also need to have the function of sterilization and prevent pollution, clean linen washing equipment itself and function Settings, needs to have certain requirements. In general, the hospital needs sterilization washing industry, such as the more basic washing configuration should include isolation type of fully automatic washing, industrial dryer and ironing machine, etc. ;

3。 Factory units such as

for factories, factories and other institutions, because at ordinary times is not very frequent washing frequency, and no special requirements for linen washing equipment, therefore as large capacity, high durability, low failure rate, simple operation and convenient ordinary washing equipment can meet the demand of washing. In addition, related to configuration of the dryer and ironing machine is enough;

in addition, in addition to the above three areas, like school, forces, farms, professional laundry, sports clubs need professional grass cloth washing equipment such as auxiliary to do clothes washing.

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