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The basic principles of hotel cleaning equipment dismantling

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-09

when the hotel cleaning equipment failure repair scheme was determined, is to remove the hotel of the washing equipment fault or replacement parts. The basic principles of hotel cleaning equipment dismantling have the following points.

( 1) Note that the security of the person and machine. Before disassembly hotel washing equipment, by first going to dial the power cord, to prevent accidentally touch live parts, at the same time, pay attention to protect the hotel cleaning equipment, don't use the right tools, so as not to damage the hotel cleaning equipment.

( 2) Which parts fault occurs in which part of disassembly. When the fault location has nothing to do with the other connection parts, or other parts of the machine when not impede the exclusion of the fault and repair work, should not dismounting the machine or other irrelevant parts.

( 3) Disassembly process, the removed parts in order to better place number or, on the one hand, convenient for installation with and without fault, on the other hand to avoid missing parts. The removed parts should be cleaned. For some connection parts, because is not easy to remove the rust should be used lubricating oil, not forced hard. Otherwise, the easy damage parts.

( 4) Disassembly process, must pay attention to the screw thread fittings to. If general for the right hand thread, tighten, then continue to the opposite direction of rotation or hard, can cause loss of threaded connection is broken.

( 5) After remove the defective parts, should be in the process of reviewing analysis can be reused after repair. To the short service life of repaired or can not meet the performance requirements, a new parts should be replaced.

( 6) If the motor burned, should need to change the motor, at the same time find out the cause of the motor burn down. If due to the leaking water makes the motor winding burn down, should be excluded from leaking fault at the same time. If because of the short circuit or locked-rotor burned also motivation, should identify the reasons of the short circuit or blocked, and troubleshooting, to ensure that such failures will no longer appear again.

( 7) Hotel washing equipment assembly is difficult to hotel laundry equipment disassembly, therefore, maintenance of the hotel after washing equipment assembly, must strict careful, pay attention to remove when the relationship between the parts, parts and location.

( 8) After the assembly, for parts with relative motion, lubricating grease should be, to change the friction condition, prolong service life. After the assembly, should be connected to the power supply for no-load running test, observe whether running condition is normal, whether the maintenance parts fault has been ruled out, after use.

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