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The Benefits of Sensor Drying

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-18
A sensor tumble dryer can be an appliance of great convenience as it takes the guesswork out of laundry. Sensor drying allows you to simply select the level of dryness you require and press go. The tumble dryer will sense how much moisture is left in the fabric and switch off automatically at the end of the cycle.
Sensor drying benefits you in several ways; its saves you energy and water (therefore costing you less) as well as reducing the possibility of a fire hazard caused by over-drying.
How does sensor drying work?
Usually sensor tumble dryers weigh the load and automatically sense the amount of moisture in the laundry and tumble it until it is dry. Most sensor tumble dryers have three drying levels:
• Iron dry - iron dry cycles mean fabrics retain a low level of moisture at the end of the programme which makes ironing easier. It reduces the need to dampen clothes with a spray bottle or ironing water to get out tough creases. • Hanger dry - hanger dry is for clothes which will be hung on clothes hangers. The fabric retains a little moisture to creases drop out as the item is hung up. • Cupboard dry - cupboard dry is great for clothes going directly into a wardrobe or into storage. It ensures clothes are very dry so they don't go mouldy or musty and start to smell whilst in storage. However, they may still require a freshen up if they have been stored for a long time.
Some sensor drying machines also have an extra dry or ready to wear option which eliminate every last drop of moisture. These programmes are great for denims or other items with thick cuffs and waistbands which are difficult to dry.
Remember tumble dried laundry will require far less ironing if it is removed from the dryer as soon as the cycle is finished as the cooling and settling of fabrics at the bottom of the drum allows deep creases to form.
Some tumble dryers have a countdown timer so you can see how long is left on a cycle. This is particularly useful in sensor drying because you won't choose the length of drying cycle because it is automatic - it may even be difficult to make an estimation on the length the cycle will take. However, what you can guarantee is that you will have clean, dry washing every time, without having to guess.
Sensor drying cycles are available on many tumble drying appliances such as the Hotpoint TCD970K condenser tumble dryer.

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