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The choose and buy the hotel before washing equipment, these have to do homework

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-12

before we design, build the hotel laundry room, must be thoughtful, comprehensive consider all sorts of unfavorable factors. Such as considering the tenant's quiet, health, etc. , if we the laundry is not comprehensive, will directly affect the mood of the customer, thus affect the traffic of the hotel, and then to the interests of the hotel. Here are our about how to establish a reasonable hotel laundry equipment, summarizes the five important factors, for your reference:

, laundry room should be set in the area of material flow, personnel traffic more convenient

1, hotel washing equipment must meet with the guest room, kitchen, distribute the turn of the business departments such as linen needs.

2, staff uniforms need to be replaced every day, leading to larger staff turnover.

3, hotel floor guest clothing and laundry outside more.

4, hotel washing equipment should be divided into the guest clothing service, linen and storage, sorting, washing, dry cleaning cloth grass, whole very hot etc. Several areas.

second, laundry room should be from the room, or set up far from the hotel public areas is

1, the hotel in the operation of the washing equipment can produce noise, if we are too close to the customer from equipment room, it is conceivable that lived in the rooms of customers, because the noise would be in a bad mood, led directly to the customer's lead.

2, the hotel has more detergent, detergent washing equipment, etc. , most of these detergents have smell, some even are poisonous chemicals, so we need to prevent chemical smells affect the guests.

third, laundry room and the equipment setup, installation should comply with the fire code

1, as we all know, hotel washing water consumption is bigger, so we demand for drainage in washing room is higher than normal circumstances, if the installation in the basement, it must be equipped with sewage well and pump.

2, general hotel washing equipment temperature is relatively high, linen fabric, such as fiber is more, the cloth is easy to cause fire, so we have to install the fire fighting equipment of form a complete set, completes the protective measures.

4, hotel cleaning equipment should be designed to facilitate drainage, ventilation, dust removal, etc.

1, most of the hotel cleaning equipment installed in the basement or subsidiary in the building, so the design, installation hotel when laundry equipment should meet the fire code, once appear, we can timely deal with an accident, and reduce the loss to a smaller ( As the saying goes, is afraid of ten thousand but one thousand! ) 。

2. If the detergent content exceeded the wastewater discharge standard, is not to the sewage directly to outdoor pipeline, according to the requirements of environmental protection, sewage treatment equipment installation.

3, linen in the washing process, will produce more fabric, so need to install ventilation and dust removal equipment, in order to reduce the pollution and the environment around the hotel laundry staff for dust suction capacity, ensure good rest environment and customers, employees and work environment.

5, laundry room should be set in the area near the hotel cleaning equipment room

1, laundry work involved in cold water, hot water, steam, water drainage, power, ventilation and smoke exhaust and so on each link, laundry room near the equipment area, facilitating the hotel washing equipment connection, installation, supply and use.

2, hotel cleaning equipment should be close to the laundry area, is advantageous to the equipment management and maintenance;

3 at close range, the piping, can effectively reduce the energy consumption between the pipeline route.

4, in the construction of the hotel laundry, laundry equipment in the hotel layout is very important, not just simple operation but also to facilitate the laundry staff, more want to consider the customer to the rest of a quiet, comfortable environment, and the staff's working environment is also very important, equipment placement must ensure that there is enough space around, to facilitate equipment maintenance, maintenance, take the clothes;

5, wrinkles in industry before and after the machine must have enough space to put the linen and linen;

6, industrial dryer machine must be installed remaining space after exhaust pipes.

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