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The dryer upgrade of shallow time hotel laundry equipment manufacturer

by:GOWORLD     2020-10-31

with the rapid development of Internet, so people's demand for laundry is also more and more high, so the hotel laundry equipment is very necessary in the dryer, the dryer in the hotel laundry equipment is in use by the time what time need to upgrade? The hotel laundry equipment manufacturer will share the dryer upgrade time for everyone.

a recent survey found that seventy-nine percent of the hotel laundry equipment dealers and business managers think hotel of laundry in the dryer for drying linen, each cycle excessive drying eight minutes, belongs to dry. The stem can cause a higher gas ( Steam) And labor costs and shorter service life of linen.

by upgrading into a dryer, of the technology of dry cloth grass can reduce 31% of the fiber loss. Pay attention to find that kind of dryer with characteristics of precise rotary switch, this characteristics can make the hotel laundry equipment dryer in each drying cycle is used to detect the dryness of tens of millions of times, and to provide accurate readings, eliminating the guess to cloth grass is dry.

when reach suitable dryness, hotel laundry equipment in the dryer will automatically cut off the source of heat. In this way, the operator need not repetitive inspection, check cloth grass is dry, or in order to ensure that the cloth grass drying and set a longer drying time. When dry is no longer a problem, proprietary laundry operators can save labor, utility ( Steam) Cost, also can increase production.

all in all, the hotel laundry equipment manufacturer that laundry equipment upgrade must be in accordance with the requirements of people's lives to upgrade, because with the changing of the market, mainly to the changing needs of people, meet the needs of users is the laundry equipment.

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