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The hotel before washing machines wash cloth grass must to soak the cloth grass

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-05

hotel before laundry equipment wash cloth grass must to soak the cloth grass? With the increase of people's living standard, the hotel industry also developed rapidly, related industry also get rapid development at the same time, the hotel washing equipment manufacturers to share the laundry equipment should pay attention to some of the items before wash cloth grass, hoping to bring some help.

like home wash his clothes, when we use the hotel laundry equipment wash cloth grass, also need to soak the cloth grass of first, is this why? Believe that a lot of people know to do, but don't know why to do so, to tell you the reason today.

1, the linen to soak in the early, can be some large particles of dust fall off into the water directly, thus saving detergent, improve the quality of washing.

2, cloth soaked in grass, more conducive to the fusion with detergent, which will be the effect of the detergent to achieve greater ( Washing temperature also is very important, of course, usually 40 ~ 70 degrees c) 。

if you don't soak cloth grass in advance, may lead to some washing fastness more bad of the linen, fade.

now we speak of the steeping note:

1, the water must be sufficient, don't just put a little bit of water, soaking, better water level is grass covering all the cloth.

2, soaking time, need according to different materials of linen to effectively, never will be a different time, especially the linen mix soaked with larger gap.

use the hotel cleaning equipment or any other things have to use the taboo, are taboo, it is because after use will produce certain harm, hurt outside, also has hurt itself. Today we explain some taboo of hotel cleaning equipment.

1, cleaning things better for fabric or silk, ban into the metal products.

2, or the use of cleaning related to gasoline, oil, cloth grass.

3, ban mixed metals or a hard thing, otherwise it will scratch and damage the inner barrel.

4, detergent by soap box to join, don't like household devices, directly add the detergent directly from the front door.

5, at the time of washing equipment to hotel operation, prohibit manually opened the front door, in case of high temperature water splash damage skin.

in our daily use, it is important to note that these taboos, do not ignore these, to prevent a tragedy.

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