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The hotel cloth grass machine washing time and washing

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-02

in a hotel in the washing machine, washing time is one of more important factors that affect grass cloth washing, must scientifically master hotel machine washing time. Hotel laundry equipment wash cloth grass species is numerous, the different types of hotel cloth grass machine washing time is different also, master the hotel machine washing time must be scientific and reasonable, can in a shorter period of time to achieve a better effect.

there is a kind of view is that the same kind of dirt fabrics with hotel machine washing, 90% compared with 75% of the installed capacity of the fabric more than the latter, the former as long as it is to extend the time and put more washing detergent, can achieve the same effect. In fact, this view is wrong, because no account due to the overload of mechanical force factors affecting hotel machine washing, even more detergent and prolong the washing time effect is not much, will only waste of raw materials and time.

for stain after a certain average washing time can be removed, but the back washing should be appropriately extended washing time. The performance of the detergent for main washing decontamination efficiency and speed of decision effect, high quality detergent decontamination rate, decontamination fast, strong alkaline detergents should try to reduce the washing time, avoid fabric is damaged.

hotel machine washing time arrangements are washed fabric must also consider the structure, performance, color fastness, old and new, extent and fastness of the fabric, and so on. For hotel washing machine cleaning time, a lot of people think washing the longer the better washing effect. Actually otherwise, will be dispersed in the water for a long time cleaning the dirt is absorbed by the cloth grass again come in, but did not achieve clean effect, so scientific and reasonable setting of grass cloth washing time is an important factor in hotel machine washing effect.

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