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The hotel how to deal with special dirty linen washing equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-06

general bigger hotel and the hotel is equipped with laundry, we know that the hotel is a bit more dirty clothes and linen, oil, fruit juice, vegetable juice, and so on. In is very dirty, but the hotel's laundry is often have to deal with these clothes. If the installation general hotel washing equipment washing process to wash these clothes, it must be wash not clean, so we should how to special washing dirty clothes and linen?

, pretreatment of dirty linen; For the processing means of local place more dirty clothes. Is the local processing first, according to the nature of the fabric, color, dirt and other categories of different, take a different approach for processing. In the protection of material is not damaged, not occur under the condition of decoloration, the water-soluble dirt and oil soluble impurities, with detergent and dry lotion and scrubbing removal respectively. Must put clothes on visible dirt all shaved, before being washed.

second, cold water immersion and prewash; For linen fabric is thick, can choose to use rub garment board, with a soft bristle brush to wash it again. For fabric is thin, such as shirt, a little more expensive, can use hand rub, etc. Then soak is a must. Soak can dissolve some part of the stain.

the third, the use of the washing machine wash equipment; Machine wash, is to use the hotel water laundry equipment. Machine wash is an important link of the whole washing process, whether using ordinary washing machine, or a large washing machine, all want to according to the structure and fiber properties of clothing fabrics, choose suitable detergent, master appropriate washing temperature, control the accurate washing time and speed of class, in ensuring that material is not damaged at the same time, achieve the goal of decontamination. In the process of using hotel washing equipment for washing, washed by hand and machine wash is complementary, through the combination of the two, good washing effect can be achieved.

4, rinse and dehydration; Has the character of acid-proof alkali not silk and wool clothing, and the alkaline detergent has certain, no matter how to rinse, also hard to avoid in the grass left some traces of soap lye. These very adverse residual liquid on fiber fabric, make cloth grass there is a potentially damaging, even can cause a 'lock' grass cloth. Rinse the purpose is to make the clothes and the detergent more separation. At the time of use water to wash hotel equipment washing, appropriately raise the temperature of rinse water, can improve the solubility of detergent, can make the detergent and a more thorough from the clothes as soon as possible. Actually is through the combination of rinse and dehydration are repeatedly alternates.

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