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The hotel industry washing machine to wash the quilt?

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-07

now, hotel and the hotel industry expanded rapidly, the quilt and sheet of guest room have to be change frequently, so the hotel cleaning equipment plays a very important role, but what method of washing can wash clean, both at the same time can save time, save energy?

the first: the special dirty sheets bedding bag need to do a preprocessing before washing. Soak in the washing liquid is the draperies. Hotel guest room there are many different people every day to live, don't pay attention to the people or don't love clean will put the white clean sheets at sixes and sevens, dirty. So, in the face of these difficult to wash the dirt, it is best to soak, let a good contact with cold water to every corner of the sheet. But note that the soaking time is not too long. And soaking is good or bad, directly influence the final washing effect, so the link must be attention.

second: with special industrial washing machine. In the use of industrial washing machine washing should pay attention to the nature of the sheet, choose to use different detergents, according to the different fabric in the washing process, use machine wash is the most important step, so the machine in the process to grasp the good water temperature, cleaning time and cleaning procedures. Using appropriate water temperature, can accelerate the dissolution of detergent, speeds up the separation of detergent and bed sheets, after being sheet fully rinse, can be dehydrated. To save time, can take off a water, rinse, rinse and dehydration, the combination of will have twice the result with half the effort.

finally: after washing and dewatering requires the wrinkles, wrinkles in the machine speed adjustment is good, the bed sheet leveling, straighten, at the same time in the conveyor belt, at the same time will droop of the sheets are even gently with the hand, and smoothly to observe whether the iron sheet have creases, when it is necessary to wax cloth, stained to carve out in time, single Angle as heavy wash, fold two horns is reported loss. Equipped with folding machine laundry can after the wrinkles by folding machine automatic folding sheets bedding bag.

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