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The hotel laundry equipment decontamination effects of water temperature

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-03

in hotel laundry equipment we use to wash the fabric, in order to achieve better hotel laundry equipment washing effect, we should not only pay attention to its own operating standards and washing process at the same time also should pay attention to the washing temperature.

physics that certain temperature can accelerate the material molecular thermal motion, improve the speed of response. As with other chemical or physical processes, temperature effects on the decontamination effect is quite. As the fluid temperature, dissolve the detergent is accelerated, penetration increased, promoted the attack against dirt, also make the water molecules to move faster, local flow, and make solid fat, fat dirt easily dissolved into a liquid is easy to remove. Temperature, every 10 degrees increase reaction rate will be doubled. Therefore, without damage is washing the clothes, as much as possible in the under the maximum temperature washing. Recommendations should also consider the following factors:

1, detergent properties: generally contains nonionic surfactant detergent, washing temperature is better at 60 degrees, if more than 60 degrees will affect its decontamination capability, anionic surface active agent of detergents and in more than 60 degrees, decontamination ability increased significantly, below 60 degrees, the change of temperature had little effects on the detergency.

2, clothing material properties: each kind of material is it can withstand washing temperature range, such as high temperature for pure cotton, pure linen fabric clothing decontamination has obvious help, without any adverse consequences; Chemical fiber fabric clothing washing temperature better control below 50 degrees, otherwise it will cause wrinkle, silk, wool fabric better control under 40 degrees.

3, dirt properties: remove dirt better temperature to a certain extent, but if the hotel laundry equipment washing temperature above a certain temperature, it will speed up the dirt degeneration, increase the difficulty. Such as protein appropriate under 40 degrees to remove dirt, excessive can cause clotting protein denaturation, difficult to wash, the higher the temperature is of great help to remove oily dirt. The general principle is to first low-temperature decontamination, and then gradually heating heat removing dirt.

so from the point of view hotel laundry equipment decontamination effects of water temperature is relatively large, so everyone in the use of hotel laundry equipment for fabric scouring process must control the temperature, the rational utilization of low temperature, high temperature washing.

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