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The hotel laundry equipment maintenance in summer

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-03

the summer because of the hot weather, laundry room and wet environment, so the hotel laundry equipment so it is urgent to moistureproof, while using the hotel laundry equipment equipment should be placed on a higher platform, make indoor moistureproof, prevent wet work, maintain indoor reasonable and scientific of temperature and humidity, preventing because temperature or humidity is too high and cause the hotel laundry equipment malfunction and damage.

in the maintenance of the hotel laundry equipment, the equipment in steam supply, remember: not all of a sudden the steam on loud, should slowly open the steam valve in the line, slowly to work pressure, so as not to damage parts of the equipment. All front to steam and water inlet filter, steam outlet to install trap. The hotel laundry equipment heater often should clean up into the wind, the hotel laundry equipment inlet every time all needs to clean up before baking.

the four seasons cycle, we came to a year more bacteria breeding ground for more severe burning hot summer, the laundry, dry cleaning shops in this season, the hotel laundry and other places in the use of hotel laundry equipment work ushered in the peak, large laundry equipment use considerations analysis in high frequency use hotel laundry equipment when we must pay attention to the hotel laundry equipment cleaning and disinfection and maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. In order to make the switch power supply output voltage is not because of the change of grid voltage and load current changes, must through the voltage regulator circuit to control the switch tube conduction time, achieve the goal of a stable output voltage. Regulating circuit mainly by the sampling circuit, voltage reference source, error amplifier, photoelectric coupler and pulse modulation circuit, etc.

large hotel laundry equipment manufacturer introduces there are two main types of switching power supply voltage circuit, namely direct sampling voltage circuit and indirect sampling voltage circuit.

( 1) Hotel laundry equipment direct sampling voltage regulating circuit is characterized by direct sampling circuit, voltage sampling taken directly from the main power supply output of switch power supply side, through the photoelectric coupler feedback to pulse modulation circuit. Direct sampling circuit has good safety performance, voltage stability reaction speed and instantaneous response time is short, in the power circuit of switching power supply has been widely used.

( 2) Indirect sampling hotel laundry equipment regulating circuit sampling voltage circuit characteristic is indirectly, set up on the switch of the transformer winding, a sampling due to sampling winding and secondary winding structure of tightly coupled, so the sampling winding by induction pulse voltage level are indirectly reflects the output voltage of the high and low, as a result, this sampling method is called indirect sampling method.

special ( Remind) Note that summer thunderstorm weather, laundry equipment should pay attention to prevent lightning strike the bad part of electrical components, if and to the strong thunder weather, better to cut off the power supply first, such as thunderstorm in the normal use of equipment.

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