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The hotel laundry equipment troubleshooting installation essentials and construction

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-02

hotel laundry equipment mechanical failure occurred while washing the sound is not itself, is just the hotel laundry equipment placed ground level or at the foot of the four machine range caused by high. Hotel laundry equipment place is not smooth, it extremely easy to cause the fuselage vibration during operation or swing caused the crash. Encounter this kind of situation, as long as the mobile hotel laundry equipment placement or adjust the height of the four feet, make hotel laundry equipment was stable, perpendicular to the ground.

of the working environment moisture of the hotel laundry equipment, be sure to pay attention to safety. Hotel laundry equipment with power outlet, should be installed in a dry place. Hotel laundry equipment cabinets should be good grounding, use three eye plug and socket, with a cross section is greater than zero. 75 square millimeter of copper wire, connect the socket grounding holes and grounding device. When using two eyes plug and socket, to connect the chassis and grounding device directly.

hotel laundry equipment should be placed on a flat, rigid good ground. To adjust the horizontal position of the hotel laundry equipment to reduce vibration and noise ( Adjust the hotel laundry equipment supporting feet or mat tagger, adjustable horizontal position) 。

the back of the hotel laundry equipment and side walls should leave more than 5 cm, should avoid direct sunlight, stove roasted, and considering the installation place into the drainage is convenient.

laundry equipment as laundry staff, hotel cloth grass essential facilities, the hotel laundry equipment normal operation of these enterprises play a key role. However, although the hotel laundry equipment widely used, but few understand its structure principle, this makes the once hotel laundry equipment malfunction, can let the user's clumsy, timely maintenance more will affect enterprise operation of the equipment.

now the hotel laundry equipment is used in the structure of a horizontal cylinder, and inside and outside the cylinder is made of stainless steel materials. Use of such material to let the machine has an effect on the corrosion resistance is very, so can improve the whole service life of the machine. And from the hotel laundry equipment principle, the use of hotel laundry equipment and laundry equipment in the dryer on the structure and working principle is the same. Are all adopt the way of drum to achieve the goal of work.

hotel laundry equipment in operation is very convenient. Now the big hotel laundry equipment is controlled by microcomputer, only need to control the microcomputer can control the washing machine. And don't have to worry about the machine in the process of using security issues, because the hotel laundry equipment in the use of the above is very reliable, inside and outside the cylinder cover are equipped with safety lock device, can guarantee the machine in the process of operation will not happen because the lid open cause safety accidents.

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