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The hotel laundry laundry equipment includes?

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-04

to say to the hotel laundry laundry equipment, mainly has four pieces of laundry equipment, automatic industrial washing, automatic dryer, ironing machine, folding machine and other auxiliary laundry equipment has a towel folding machine, ironing machine, lined clothes machine, dry cleaners, etc. Generally a hotel to build a laundry room, at least it had to have more than two rooms to cheaper, is not small fortune. A laundry room with a full range of laundry equipment, after all, the money is not a small number. The following is to elaborate the main laundry equipment.

a, automatic washing - — Automatic industrial washing can learn from this name, is primarily washing hotel linen, sets of washing and dehydration, and high degree of automation. At the beginning of the industrial washing machine is semi-automatic industrial washing machine, the low degree of automation, need people to control every step, and will not be able to dehydration, need to be done even another centrifuge dehydration dehydration. Along with the social the progress of science and technology of semi automatic industrial washing machine has been unable to reach the needs of the people, and of automatic industrial washing times out, more powerful, high degree of automation, greatly liberated the people's hands, and improve the work efficiency, save the time and cost. I company specializing in the production of high-end quality laundry equipment, in line with hotel laundry needs a full range of laundry equipment, automatic industrial laundry equipment have 15 kg, 20 kg, 30 kg, 50 kg, 70 kg and 100 kg models to choose from.

2, laundry equipment dryer series is mainly the role of rapid drying the cloth grass, the dryer type a variety of models, according to the heating mode have a electric heating and steam heating dryer, gas dryer, Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas) Dryers, classified according to size of 15 kg, 20 kg, 30 kg, 50 kg, 70 kg, 100 kg, 120 kg, 150 kg of the dryer, electric heating dryer relatively easy installation, just pick up good electricity to be able to use, but later with large power consumption. Steam heating dryers require a steam heating installation, need to cooperate, such as boiler is operating, so need to consumers purchase another produce steam boiler, the late energy is cheaper, and into the natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas, gas heating needs to be connected this according to the actual situation of local consumer choose and buy, gas heating dryer between steam heating and electric heating energy consumption, relatively low emissions, environmental protection.

three, ironing machine - — Ironing machine main function is to dry pressing sheet bedding bag, also has the functions of drying, but can only be baking sheet bedding bag, such as bath towel, towel small wrinkles in linen is not used to machine for drying ironing, and dryers used in all types of hotel cloth grass, but do not have pressed around, in general large hotel laundry room, the dryer mainly dryer towel, bath towel, anchor towels, etc. , while ironing machine drying ironing sheets bedding bag, need drying linen are classified according to different. If the wrinkles in my company's main steam heating type iron machine, according to the size is divided into 2. Wrinkles in 8 meters wide, 3 meters wide iron machine, 3. 3 meters wide ironing machine, according to the number of wrinkles in machine roll how many wrinkles in also is divided into single roll machine, double roller smoothing out the wrinkles in machine, three roller machine, wrinkles in four roll machine, etc. Consumers can according to the number of hotel rooms and the width of the bed sheet bedding bag to choose and buy, roll number, the more its drying ironing speed is faster. Wrinkles in general machine can be used with folding machine together, namely the drying ironing sheet bedding bag can be folded.

4, folding machine - — Automatic folding machine mainly supportive laundry ironing machine equipment, to fold bed sheet, bedding bag, it is not able to folding machine bath towel, towel and other small, can only be folding machine single quilt cover. Folding machine folding speed quickly, more up to 30 meters/minute, if a sheet 2 meters long, then the automatic folding machine can fold article 15 per minute, of course, this is under ideal conditions, according to past experience about 10 minute folding, ironing machines and folding machine running speed is infinitely adjustable-speed, can adjust the speed according to the actual situation.

5, clothing dry cleaners - — Dry cleaners can be flexible enough to choose to suit all kinds of washing clothes, take off the liquid velocity, good protective clothing; The refrigeration technology to control the temperature of the solvent into the cylinder, will be more suitable for dry cleaning of class fur fabric; Laundry equipment refrigeration group effectively, complementary with heat pump system, short drying time, reducing energy consumption. Advanced screen computer controller has strong operation function, humanized design, perfect fault display function, safer and more convenient for the user operation.

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