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The hotel need to be replaced when washing equipment control system

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-05

nowadays, the industry's leading hotel laundry equipment manufacturers is that kind of to monitor equipment use and operation efficiency to help measure the success of the hotel laundry degree of control device. Hotel operators if measured out some case, it is impossible to to improve; Collect records and watch the performance data on the screen will be to ensure that the laundry equipment in a more efficient operation. The old hotel laundry equipment upgrades into new equipment with easy to use the new control system can help managers to track the operation cost, maintenance, human and other key performance indicators (kpis) to accurately find the need to improve its efficiency.

with the upgrade of the control system of the benefits of new hotel cleaning equipment is not only a lower gas ( Steam) The cost. They can also by recording the washing cycle start and end time to help monitor how the employee's work efficiency; Can also monitor whether the machine because of bad installed correctly and lead to imbalances and washing cycle, etc. Consider upgrading hotel washing equipment and an obvious reason is that labor costs occupy hotel laundry cost ratio is very high.

if operators choose upgraded to a new control system of the hotel cleaning equipment, so make sure to test it before installation. Find a with easy to use graphical display can simplify the system of training and operation. Through customized language and programming in advance trigger type can make the training more simple and easy operation, attention should be paid to the trigger type operation allows employees to select a specific washing procedures, such as a program specially designed for washing towels, or choose the program specially designed for washing sheets, click on the corresponding program, started the machine works.

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