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The hotel needs to follow in washing equipment debugging?

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-05

after buying hotel washing equipment to the laundry room, all want to debug, this is done by manufacturer is responsible for. In debugging, generally follow the following considerations:

1, first of all, the more at least to anchor bolt fastening device, remove all kinds of protective equipment transit fasteners. Turn on the air compressed air supply, check the pneumatic three components working condition, when it is necessary to add the suitable lubricating oil in the lubricator.

2, check the motor power supply is connected to ( The drum to) , when the roller to inconsistent with the relevant instructions, disconnect the hotel washing equipment mechanical and electrical source, adjusting the three-phase power supply method, a check is adjusted to switch the hotel laundry equipment on.

3, opened the door of hotel washing equipment loading and check hotel washing equipment safety control system work condition, close the door, on the cut-off energy supply pipe network under the condition of water, for steam valves, check equipment for water and steam respectively the working condition of the automatic control device, and then open the energy supply pipe network for water, steam, etc on the valve.

4, open the hotel laundry equipment automatic control the water valves, check the water level according to situation, got to the water, shut off the water, check the hotel washing device of feed water and drainage pipes with and without leakage.

5, open for steam valves, check the sealing condition, on low speed, check hotel washed back washing equipment working conditions and the status of the temperature display.

6, when the water temperature slightly higher than the ambient temperature inside machine, disconnect the steam source, open the drain valve. When machine internal water near the drain, washing machine dehydration operation to switch, check hotel washing equipment roller speed changes, when drum arrived at high speed after dehydration speed, you can stop.

7, for using the hotel water equipment when no load debugging, gas water resources, to drum right amount add detergent, to wash hotel possible oil drum washing equipment.

this in strict accordance with the above steps, you can debug into a stable performance of the hotel washing equipment.

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