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The hotel washing equipment operation procedures

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-15

a set of scientific hotel laundry equipment operation procedures, to standardize the use of our steps, to speed up our work efficiency, improve ability to clean, to reduce the machine failure rate. So for each user, in accordance with the hotel laundry equipment operation procedures for use of washing equipment is of particularly important. That hotel washing equipment operation procedures, mainly has three aspects, one aspect is the preparation before operation, 2 is the operation of norms, 3 after the operation maintenance. Rather than just focus on the laundry process. Because only in this way, we can make sure that the wash good, machine and can be used for a long time.

preparation before operation,

formal using hotel cleaning equipment, we should do a good job in inspection and ready to check is to check all the electricity, gas and other normal pipeline, ensure that water, air intake, into the electricity, and check the other part is normal, avoid start with faults of hotel cleaning equipment. Preparation is to stay clean linen classification, for heavy dirt linen picked up separately. To improve the overall work speed.

the second, the operation specification

open power supply and open the inlet valve, inlet valve, such as valve switch, open the machine door and capacity in accordance with the relevant provisions in the specified amount of grass cloth, then shut down the machine, select the corresponding washing process (or set Detailed setting method can refer to the random distribution computer board instructions) 。 Choose or set finished can press start button, the machine started into the water, and according to the preset washing procedures for production.

then we will all kinds of main detergent, oil emulsifier, bleach powder, softener and other detergent into the soap box ( A soap lattice points into, no soap case) can be added at once 。 After all the work has been completed, then officially to washing machine began to be in accordance with the scheduled program after completion of the corresponding washing work or stop the machine works, and a hint sound, then we open the door to take out the washed linen on to the next work cycle.

the third, after the operation maintenance

operation after the maintenance is performed in the daily production has been completed, need not take place after each work all maintenance. We can use clean dishcloth dry in the place such as casing residual moisture, remove the soap box residual detergents, and open the door, let them air-dry. Also, in order to promote the hotel laundry equipment performance, reduce the failure rate, we should also according to the need to develop the corresponding maintenance monthly and yearly maintenance work.

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