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The introduction of hotel cleaning equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-08

hotel washing equipment is also called the hotel special washing machine, hotel hotel cleaning equipment, industrial washing machine. Is a series of large capacity, strong mechanical force, is widely used in the hotel all kinds of grass cloth washing processing products, so how much is a hotel cleaning equipment, we how should choice?

and hotel washing equipment prices

hotel laundry equipment prices ranging from tens of thousands of yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan. A small capacity of 15 kg model at present market price may be only 1. 5 - 20000 yuan, and a large capacity of 120 kg of the current market price in 12 - 160000 yuan, the specific capacity and 20, 25, 30, 50, 70, 100 kg, etc. Is not only the product price differential capacity difference, at the same time machine function also causes the different products of high and low in price. Like the 100 kg and above the market at present the capacity model, and it has a traditional and inclined discharging type two kinds of models, which can realize automatic tilt, accelerate the purpose of the work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

second, hotel laundry equipment selection

since hotel washing equipment which has a capacity, is divided into categories, so how to shape for the hotel? To think that we should be fully the use demand according to oneself to do a final choice. And so-called demand, is refers to the units you wish to accomplish more than a small amount of water processing cloth grass, how again and want to let the machine to achieve an automatic degree.

the capacity of each hotel washing equipment has its rated load, such as its more per load of 100 kg to 100 kg of dry cloth grass. Regardless of what the capacity of the process is the same, are first prewash main wash again, rinse, dehydration, so the corresponding working hours are mostly small different, mostly for 40 minutes at a time. Because of this, so we calculate their single hour washing capacity: how much is the, then choose how much capacity of the machine product.

as for whether the slope unloading type hotel washing equipment of choose and buy, we need to see their budgets, also want to see the laundry staff configuration. In general when the budget is enough, laundry staffing nervous then choose tilt discharging type models, and then we will choose the ordinary is just as well. Here it is important to note that with the increase of machine function, the machine will also slightly higher failure rate. So enjoying tilt discharging type hotel brings the convenience laundry equipment at the same time, we also have to bear the relatively high failure rate.

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