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The Long Term Benefits Of Regular Carpet Cleaning

by:GOWORLD     2020-06-02
When it comes to keeping carpets clean, then many of us think that we are doing okay by simply vacuuming our floors once a week, yet many people do not even do this. However, a carpet that is professionally cleaned may well last for many more years than one that is not. In addition just vacuuming your carpet weekly is most unlikely to remove all of the fleas, ticks and dust mites that harbour in it. Indeed most people would be shocked as to what is lurking below the surface of their carpets. Yet many people put up with carpet stains caused by red wine or coffee being spilt on them, or the constant smell of pets little accidents having occurred. The plain fact is that water, soap and a scrubbing brush will not remove the majority of stains or smells from your floor, only professional carpet cleaning will. To clean a carpet professionally you will need to have a carpet that can accept deodorisers and sanitisers to get rid of pet smells or other strong fouling. Also some carpets will be of such a fine nature that they may require 'Dry cleaning' whereby you need to use a powder based cleaner in order to sanitise them without damaging the carpet with a liquid based cleaner. To remove stains such as red wine or coffee (a typical culprit in staining office carpets) you will need to use 'spot cleaning' by using a pre-spray and stain remover, and allow it to soak in before using a professional carpet cleaner to go over it with. However as with most things, prevention is better than cure and you should consider the use of protective treatments that can be applied to carpets when they are first laid down. Such treatments can provide huge long term benefits on a floor at home or at work. So as you can imagine when it comes to keeping a carpet clean things can prove very hard work, however by using the right floor cleaning supplies you can remove even the hardest of ingrained stains. A good cleaning supplier will not only be able to provide the latest range of carpet cleaning machines, but also advise on what preventative treatments to apply to keep dirt and stains at bay. The use of good carpet cleaning products and a cleaning machine can be a worthwhile investment, as the ability to remove a serious stain can mean not having to replace a carpet, saving hundreds or thousands of pounds.
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