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The method to avoid premature aging hotel cleaning equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-11

washing equipment is the hotel, the hotel normal operation indispensable equipment, it undertakes the whole of the hotel serious washing mission, usually under normal condition the hotel at the mercy of the laundry equipment use fixed number of year for eight years, but there are many hotel investors appear to be the use of their equipment is presented questions 2, 3 years later, the equipment has significant wear and aging, as the main hotel equipment, if changed will be very sorry, if continue to use, and can present a lot of trouble. This situation has plenty of investors to do.

was about hotel laundry equipment wear and tear of aging in advance, mostly are formed because of improper operation personnel to use, today's hotel will come and share a few of the laundry equipment manufacturer, prevent premature aging of the equipment tips, to extend the life of the washing equipment of the hotel.

, in the hotel washing equipment when not in use for a long time will the power block.

the hotel every time. Second, after washing, washing equipment should be timely finishing equipment inside tube and filter of waste. But should pay attention to that in the tube cleaning equipment, to use a special detergent, must not use solid wire brush and corrosive detergent, so will form the inner barrel rubber parts damaged.

third, laundry equipment used in the hotel after one or two months, to see the equipment is the base of the pads and the ground close to the joint and the base bearing parts are short of oil.

4, hotel cleaning equipment under the condition of not homework, or timing of the door open exposure equipment, prevent wet inside tube mould, at the same time in the laundry room should also pay attention to ventilation.

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