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The principle of deceleration clutch for industrial

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-01

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for quality of life have also been greatly improved. Therefore, the requirements for using industrial laundry equipments are more detailed than before, and the frequency of use has also greatly increased. Learn about some related industrial laundry equipments. The principle is also necessary. Next, we will share the relevant content of the principle of industrial laundry equipment deceleration clutch. The brake disc of the deceleration clutch of industrial laundry equipment is covered with a brake band. The tightening and loosening of the brake band is controlled by a lever-type fork. . The fork can be rotated by controlling the pawl by swinging the lever. The speed of the motor is 1450r/min, which is decelerated to 1/1.7 through the V-belt, which is about 850r/min, and is transmitted to the washing drive shaft of the reduction clutch. The deceleration of the washing drive shaft is reduced to 1/4.7 by the planetary gear, which is about 180r/min, which is transmitted to the pulsator to realize low-speed forward and reverse rotation.

When the automatic industrial laundry equipment is washing, the drain electromagnet is not energized and the drain valve is closed. Pulling the fork drives the pawl on the head of the lever, and the hook of the torsion spring of the clutch is caught by the ratchet, so that the torsion spring cannot be tightened in the tightening direction. When the pulsator rotates forward and backward, the torsion spring and the washing shaft move relative to each other. Cause the washing drive shaft to rotate, realize the positive and reverse rotation of the pulsator, but the dehydration shaft does not rotate. At this time, the brake disc is held by the brake belt, and the dewatering bucket will not rotate with the washing drive shaft.

When the industrial laundry equipment is dehydrating, the drain electromagnet is energized and the drain valve opens to drain. In Shanghai industrial laundry equipments, the brake lever connected to the armature of the electromagnet pulls the fork to move with the suction force of the armature, so that the brake lever rotates to an angle, the brake band is relaxed, and the dehydration shaft and the brake disc can rotate freely. At the same time, when the brake lever rotates, the swing lever is forced to rotate through an angle, so that the pawl on the swing lever head leaves the ratchet, so the torsion spring hugs the dehydration shaft, so that the dehydration shaft and the washing drive shaft are connected as a whole.

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