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The process of choose and buy hotel laundry equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-03

to build a laundry room, in addition to civil engineering program, also needs corresponding hotel laundry equipment. Hotel laundry equipment manufacturers in the market is more, the quality is good and bad are intermingled, hotel laundry equipment when the choose and buy, then take you to get to know the specific process of choose and buy.

, make contribution of capital budget

in market research is the first thing to do before the choose and buy, want to pay for your factory or of laundry to formulate a set of general budget. From the construction of the factory, hotel laundry equipment and form a complete set of equipment acquisition, the laundry room work properly trained counselling, washing knowledge training of the worker have to have a rough idea of your budget. In the actual operation when it's appropriate to relax some, because the plan will never catch up with change, hotel laundry equipment when the choose and buy, choose cost-effective brand, can not blindly seek low price, or who is themselves.

second, concluded that the specific brand manufacturers

in determining investment need of geographic space, will be made some hotel laundry equipment. Choose hotel laundry equipment manufacturer, to know more factory information from the Internet first, if have time, field survey, is not limited to the communication on the phone, take a look at how public praise in the industry, the supply of equipment quality, function, equipment and after-sales service problems are need to understand.

third, equipment selection and equipment

to determine the manufacturer, the following is a very important problem, hotel laundry equipment series products equipment, this is top priority, this is the key of the factory profit, we need to carefully consider. Hotel laundry equipment when the choose and buy, from big aspects, for example, water electricity, steam boiler and air compressor equipment. Industrial washing machine when the choose and buy, want to think about to buy a semi-automatic hotel laundry equipment still need fully automatic hotel laundry equipment, each product has its existing reason, each has his strong point, to see how to measure themselves. Take the semi-automatic hotel laundry equipment, simple structure comparison, washing capacity is big, the price is cheap, trouble place is to match a dehydration dryer, but it is more convenient to maintain. And fully automatic laundry equipment, computer board is easy to operate, be clear at a glance the man-machine dialogue, cover an area of an area small, to repair protect contrast, contrast is expensive. The first depends on your budget.

4, select the corresponding product standards

on step when it comes to selecting hotel laundry equipment has concluded that, now standard selection of work to do. It depends on the request of the washing capacity: how many there are washing. Originally, standard less two types, so at the time of peak season and cold season can cooperate to use, not the formation of unnecessary. Affect hotel laundry equipment series product function that is, how much is the degree of automation. A high degree of automation of natural and artificial spending cuts, to put into the washing process to also want to thinking.

5, the investigation factory after-sales service

when determining the manufacturer, has settled in this step, there should be three packs of service, guarantee system and lifelong service. Each hotel laundry equipment manufacturer production machinery is not the same, when the mechanical failure, not any one can repair technicians, better is electricity for manufacturers. Especially the steam boiler which is large laundry equipment, more demand survey good manufacturer, if necessary can directly go to factory to on-the-spot investigation.

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