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The Professional Method Of Carpet Cleaning

by:GOWORLD     2020-06-01
When the first ever carpet was made in 1791 in Philadelphia, it seemed a rather great household discovery, well not as great as Television, telephone and Microwaves but great enough that know 3 out of 4 homes have carpeted floors, most hotels are fully carpeted, red carpets can be found when a new film is being premiered. In a way carpets are very much part of our everyday household item used without any realization. Of course the only time we do realized the presence of a carpet is when, we are hurrying to clean it when a sudden accident causes, greasy, oily wet smelly liquid or substance to fall on it. Nevertheless, most carpets are vacuumed, treated with stain removers and shampoos but that only happens at home. Vacuum cleaners are the most highly used item when it comes to cleaning carpet at home without professional help. The thing about vacuum cleaners is that it is easy to use and suck out 40% of sand, 20% of oxide, 20% of organic and synthetic fibers, Oils and resins 9%, 5% of carbon, 4% of animal fats and 2% moisture. Thus Vacuum cleaner is the god of unprofessional carpet cleaning. Also, a number of shampoos, stain removing products and other detergents with detailed instructions of how to use them make is easy for many housewives to make their everyday home carpets shine and gleam. It is only when something exceptionally nasty covers the ever so soft carpets, too stubborn to come out but vacuum cleaners and chemical products, it is only then professionals are called in. The professional method of cleaning differs from typical home cleaning on many number of levels, for starters, it is far too professional, specialized machinery is involved, and a number of chemicals which cannot be easily found in the nearest super market. One of the methods involved in professional carpet cleaning, Bonnet Dry Cleaning, this method involves the spray of seltzer water sprayed equally and a circular machine that brushes and dries off extra moisture by absorbing it. Bonnet cleaning is quick than deep cleaning and instant. Whereas Dry powder cleaning is far easier as it involves, sprinkle the product on to the carpet and then rubbing it in by brush and later vacuuming it to remove to remove the excess. Hot water Extraction or also known as steam Carpet cleaning involves application of cleaning agent which is pressurized into the carpet and sucked out almost instantly by heavy suction machinery. The steam carpet cleaning is the best method as it cleans the carpet deeply and thoroughly making look fresh and sparkling. Dry Foam Cleaning method is very much similar to shampooing the carpet at home but it only involves a circular moving brush machine which cleans effectively.When we all walk on these carpets with dirty shoes we never pay attention to the amount of dirt we must be heaving on the carpet. But when all else fail and the carpet looks is loaded with residue and dirt it is only then we consider that cleaning is essential.
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