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The rapid development of information technology high quality hotel washing equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-17

by Moore's law to promote the rapid development of information technology, did not make the high quality hotel washing equipment automation control technology for synchronous development, in the 1990 s, or a system engineer in the field of automatic control, then the use of more advanced field four loop control system, is in use until a decade later. Hotel said washing equipment manufacturer in the IT industry IT is unthinkable, because more than a decade for generations of technology occurrence, development and even eliminated.

although high quality hotel laundry equipment automation control technology development much faster than the IT industry, but in the late 1980 s and early 1990 s, the so-called fifth generation control technology and fieldbus technology, with the opening up of the information industry trend also arises at the historic moment. In the generation of distributed control system DCS era, most of the factory system and programming language are closed, with its own unique programming code, is not conducive to communication and exchanges with each other. And field bus technology, emphasizes from decentralized control to the control. Data transmission, the use of advanced bus mode. Since then, open protocol, the high quality hotel washing equipment manufacturer information communication and exchange between different equipment instrument, has become the mainstream of automation technology.

but the rise of field bus, did not break the monopoly of the industry giant industry, from then on, represented by the United States, Germany and Japan, some of the mainstream automation manufacturers, have set up their branches, under the international standard system, to build its own protocol standard, there are two mainstream system, a major Japanese company in the United States and represented by the Fieldbus Foundation system, also known as the Foundation Fieldbus protocol architecture, another system is represented by companies such as Germany's Siemens Profibus protocol. Folding machine is introduced under the protocol standard price, companies can carry out data communication and exchange, but must be on the other side of the interface and the equipment have a thorough understanding, is still in the exchange of data and field management has set a very high barriers. Users to reduce trouble, often tend to buy one or a protocol group under high quality hotel of washing equipment products.

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