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The safe use of hotel industrial washing machines must be kept in mind

The safe use of hotel industrial washing machines must be kept in mind


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The most popular equipment in the washing market is the hotel industrial washing machine, which is loved by consumers because of its safety and environmental protection. But when it is used, people tend to ignore some details, which will pose a threat to our personal safety. The following sections will give you a detailed analysis of the precautions for the safe use of hotel industrial washing machines:

1. Attention should be paid to the ventilation of the laundry, which is conducive to the health of the laundry operators.

2. The washed clothes must be taken out after complete cooling. Don't be anxious to avoid accidents.

3. The hotel industrial washing machine must be placed in a ventilated and dry place that cannot be directly exposed to the sun, and the power supply should be as far away from the dry cleaning equipment as possible.

4. The washing solvent of hotel industrial washing machine should be of good quality, its ignition point should not exceed 40 , and its electrical resistance should also be good.

5. Do not use it continuously for too long. The temperature of hotel industrial washing machine will rise slowly with the increase of service time, which may cause a fire. Although the probability is very low, we should also take precautions.

6. It is not allowed to repair the equipment randomly or even modify the equipment according to the idea of footprint. Some people always want to change the hotel industrial washing machine into a dual-use equipment for water washing and dry cleaning, and feel that they have the ability to do so, so they change the equipment without authorization. The result is often to damage the dry cleaning equipment.

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