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the steps of washing linen in hotel laundry room equipment

the steps of washing linen in hotel laundry room equipment


Description: Why some hotel linens are easy to break, and some can be used for many years and are always soft and clean. This is actually related to the washing quality and operation technology of the hotel laundry room equipment. Generally speaking, a hotel laundry room has a detailed In addition to improving work efficiency, the workflow can at least double the service life of the linen, so let's discuss the steps that should be taken when washing the linen in the hotel laundry room.


1. Linen classification

The hotel laundry room equipment must be sorted before washing the linen. In addition to the different types of linen, it is sometimes necessary to classify the linen according to the degree of pollution. There are some special stains on the linen that need to be sorted out. Special stain removal treatment.


2. Select the correct device model

There are many kinds of washing equipment in a hotel laundry room. Even if it is an ordinary industrial washing machine, the capacity of different models is different, and the functions are also somewhat different. Using a washing machine with a large capacity to wash a small amount of linen will cause waste. Overload operation will reduce the service life of the equipment.


3. Choose the right program

Generally, the parameters are set when the equipment is used for the first time, including the washing time of different steps (pre-wash, main wash, rinsing, dehydration), water temperature, and rotation speed of washing and dehydration. Set up special washing programs, such as which ones cannot be washed at high temperature? When washing, you can quickly select the correct program and start washing with one key, which improves the working efficiency and washing quality of hotel laundry equipment.

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4. Choose the right detergent

It should be noted that the amount of detergent should be reasonable, not as much as possible. Choose appropriate detergents for different linens. For textiles, detergents are the most serious damage to them. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable detergent. It is also necessary to pay attention to the detergents that cannot be mixed, and use them reasonably to reduce the degree of damage to the linen.


5. Don't pull hard at the end of taking clothes

After the washing program of the hotel laundry room equipment is finished, the linen may be entangled. Due to the large amount of washing, the entangled linen is also quite heavy. If you pull it hard, it may damage the clothes. There are two buttons on the side of the door of the washing machine. Pressing it can make the drum rotate clockwise or counterclockwise to break up the entangled linen, which makes it very convenient to take clothes.

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