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The Sustainable Development Direction of Washing Equipment Companies in 2023

The Sustainable Development Direction of Washing Equipment Companies in 2023


There are COVID-19, trade wars and floods in 2020, all of which indicate that 2020 is not an ordinary year. Under the influence of these external environmental factors, all industries have been impacted unprecedentedly. So in such a year, how should a washing equipment manufacturing company closely related to the washing industry develop? Perhaps many manufacturers are in a state of confusion, but confusion is confusion. What we should do still needs to be done, and we cannot wait and wait. The outcome of waiting and waiting is ultimately not a good outcome. Only by working hard to find a way and finding a way can we gain opportunities in a crisis and become stronger. As the editor of the FOSHAN GOWORLD LAUNDRY FACTORY washing equipment in the industry in 2019, I have provided the following opinions for your reference.

Firstly, develop new customers from multiple perspectives and channels. Customers are the foundation of a company's survival. If you want to sell equipment, you need to constantly develop new customers. Expand business channels and increase sales volume as much as possible on the existing basis. It is worth noting that the maintenance of old customers should also keep up in real-time, and a good reputation is a solid foundation for selling products.

Secondly, for our products, we need to strive for excellence. When the industry is good, everyone can have food to eat. When the industry is not good, what we see is our own abilities. Because when the industry is not good, the profits of each manufacturer are controlled very low, and even for the normal operation of the company, there is no profit in production. At this point, price wars are no longer of much use, and the competition is about the quality of equipment. So at this time, we need to pay more attention to product innovation and research and development than before, improve product performance, persuade customers with quality, and gain a good reputation.

Thirdly, affiliated industries can be developed accordingly, such as starting a washing company on your own. However, the prerequisite is that you have the ability to develop customers and understand the operation of washing companies. It is better to have your own equipment without investing too much, but without customers or understanding the operation of washing companies, you will also lose money. Although from an investment perspective, washing companies are the industry with the least cost investment in our industry, as the saying goes, separating industries is like separating mountains. Although you are proficient in equipment, the operation of washing companies is not just about equipment. To truly operate, you still need to be cautious. If the washing company is not the best choice, you can also choose to carry out other sidelines, and you need to consider your own field of expertise. Many group companies often have diverse fields of development, and as long as it is what you are good at and suitable for doing at this time, you can start to develop.

Fourthly, moderate reduction of expenses, whether in terms of production or personnel arrangement, should be carried out according to the actual needs of production, in order to improve efficiency and save costs.

The above are some ideas that the editor has in mind about how washing equipment companies can overcome the difficult year of 2020. If you think it's reasonable, you can adopt and use them.

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