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The use of large washing machine small details and bearing maintenance method

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-22

large washing machine use small details are as follows:

1, the power of the large washing machine equipment is a large equipment, its power lines must be grounded, or if the water was leaked to get an electric shock in the process of washing.

2, cleaning clothes may not be too much at a time. Large washing machine equipment is also has its limits, more than the full load operation, the clothes will not only difficult to clean, it is difficult to to ensure the safety operation of the washing machine.

3, regular maintenance problems. May be time to contact it, we all know that want to maintain, sad for a year, two years or longer, one or two is easy, adhere to the regular maintenance is difficult.

4, in the large washing machine laundry don't want disorderly operation equipment, such as forced open the door, directly without electricity, etc. These are not desirable.

5, don't put clothes container directly on the large washing machine equipment, are easy to be called out to the place of vibrations laundry may hurt people. Recommended reading: large washing machine is in use process need to follow the principle of what?

large washing machine bearing maintenance method is as follows:

a, and in a timely manner to the washing machine bearing filling grease, usually once every 500 hours plus, every time need to use washing machine pumps on the entire play twice, filling grease purpose mainly is to reduce the friction between roller and raceway bearing, ensure the roller and raceway contact surfaces are not destroyed, another purpose is to make the bearing rotating at high speed when the heat generated by the distributed in a timely manner, to prevent burns and pitting of the race.

2, to timely collect washing machine bearing clearance, general advice to tighten once a month, clearance is an important technical parameter of washing machine bearing, it directly affects the washing machine bearing load distribution, vibration, noise, friction, temperature rise, the service life of the running accuracy and mechanical and other technical performance. Clearance is too large, will cause the bearing load decreases, and the contact stress increases, thus shortening the service life. Excessive clearance will cause the bearing running accuracy drop, vibration and noise. Clearance is too small, may appear in the actual operation negative clearance ( Interference) , increasing caused by friction heat and temperature increase, thus make less effective clearance or interference is bigger, so a vicious circle will lead to a washing machine, bearing, holding in death of the vibration and noise when the machine in high speed is larger than normal, need to tighten the bearing clearance, tightening the round nut on the spindle to tighten the bearing clearance, don't forget when clearance received a round nut with lock washer with positioning, prevent the nut loose after a period of time.

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