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The World Of Whirlpool Products

by:GOWORLD     2020-05-28
Whirlpool, as a globally recognized brand for home appliances needs little introduction. The Whirlpool Corporation is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of major home support gadgetry built on the principles of innovation, excellence and a true customer centric approach. With markets in over 170 countries Whirlpool has become a name to reckon with. From the year 1911, when under the name Upton Machine Company the first electric wringer washers were produced to 1950 when the company changed its name to Whirlpool Corporation, Whirlpool, the current global enterprise today has come a long way. A trusted household name, Whirlpool products include kitchen appliances like refrigerator, freezers, ice makers, cooking range and cooktops, hoods which may be behind the cooktop or as a wall mounted canopy or an under cabinet type, microwave ovens,dishwashers, compacters, disposers with continuous feed operation and many more. The refrigerators are available in different designs and features like French door, side-by-side, top and bottom freezers etc. In the laundry category, Whirpool products have managed to display immense potential and gained consumer's trust over a long, testing period of time. From the traditional washers and dryers to high-efficiency front and top load washers, laundry pairs, washer-dryer combos, laundry 1-2-3 organisers with work surfaces, drawers and storage towers, the equipment serves as a diligent helping hand for the household. Other whole home whirlpool product range includes a selection of water filtration systems, water softeners, heaters and coolers, room air-conditioners,central heating and air conditioning equipment, central dehumidifiers, air purifiers and filters and the like. Whirlpool offers a range of accessories to facilitate the installation and consequent use of all its major appliances. The range of Whirlpool products have many specialities and benefits: 1. The products are user-friendly, elegant and exhibit innovative designing. 2. They are energy efficient and often score high on power star ratings. 3. The products have feature packed functioning. The laundry equipment for instance employ 1-2, 1-2 hand wash technology which helps remove stains greatly. Besides in-built heaters, special cycles for delicate and woolen clothing, water saving options etc helps the consumer get value for money. 4. Whirlpool is thoughtful in designing products with special features for consumers in different countries. The sixth sense frost control technology in refrigerators targeted for warm countries is quite effective. 5. After sale service for Whirlpool products is quite prompt in general but may face a delayed response sometimes. Since the 1970's, Whirlpool has been pioneering energy and water efficiency measures. This fact reflects in the company's research and developmental projects. Whirlpool has been associated with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star program and has been named Energy Star Partner of the year many times. Whirlpool has come up with Green Kitchen, an eco-system design concept that has been received well and won iF product Design Award too. The same award has also been presented to whirlpool for its Glamour Oven. Talking of consumer reviews, Whirlpool products have mostly performed well and prove to be a good investment. Procurement of spare parts sometimes pose a problem but a little patience often solves the problem. So, when we talk of a happy living Whirlpool products sure come handy!
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