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Things to Bring When You're on an African Safari Trip

by:GOWORLD     2020-05-27
Safari Clothing - The clothes you bring on a trip are important because you want to be both comfortable and protected. In the wilds of Africa, a long sleeve shirt is a must to bring to protect you from annoying mosquito bites and to keep you from the hot sun as well. You'll need long trousers too for the same reasons. Avoid also bright colored clothing because it can attract animals. For that reason, most safari clothing you will find come in khaki, tan, and light brown. Neutral colors are also effective in keeping you cooler during warm days. Back Pack - When you pack for your African travel , you have to carry your back pack not more than 25 pounds since you will be lugging it around from camp to camp. Make sure that the straps of your pack fit you comfortably. Thus it is also better to talk to your travel specialist of how many things will you be bringing because you may only need a few days of clothing supply since many of the camps and lodges have laundry facilities. Sun and Mosquito Protection - You have to keep in mind that you are not going to a beach, but to a Safari. Therefore you will most probably encounter mosquitoes so it is better to bring strong mosquito repellent containing DEET with you. Be sure to spray your clothes and exposed skin. Avoid also using perfume, hairspray, and other scented products because they may attract mosquitoes. Remember to also pack sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Polarized Sunglasses - Bring polarized sunglasses with good quality to protect you from the strong, bright sun. Good Walking Shoes - Bring comfortable shoes that fit you well. Pack good quality socks too. These can help you walk and roam around the place easy. Sun Hat - Bring a quality hat with a good brim to cover your face and ears. Camera - Capture the wonderful sceneries and as well as rare animals that you see in the Safari. Make sure to bring also extra batteries. Other things that you can bring are: Personal toiletries, binoculars, basic medical supplies, tissues, waterproof bags for camera and electronic devices.
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