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Three elements of large washing equipment purchase

by:GOWORLD     2020-03-03

when purchasing, we should also find out the trademarks and manufacturers of large water laundry equipment, and whether the products are qualified products tested by the Shanghai Institute of household appliances designated by the Ministry of light industry, whether the machine has a maintenance point in the local area, and how long the warranty period is. Secondly, we can know the selling price, form and characteristics of various brands of large water washing equipment from commodity advertisements and instructions, including laundry capacity, output power, materials of boxes and laundry boxes; Can it be timed; Whether it is strong, medium, weak, etc. Families with a large population have a large amount of laundry at a time, so they can choose a large washing equipment with a laundry capacity of 2 kg, and those with a small population can choose a laundry capacity of 1. 5 kilograms of large water washing equipment, the same hotel washing equipment is also selected according to the amount of laundry. If you need to wash silk, wool fabric or sofa cover in addition to ordinary clothes, you should choose large washing equipment with strong, medium and weak gears. If it is required to move frequently, large laundry equipment with wheel feet should be purchased.

after the model of large water washing equipment is selected, the following inspections should be made:

1. First, conduct visual inspection, including paint, brightness, color and appearance, etc.

2. Square washing barrel is better, and square washing barrel has better washing effect. If it is a round cylinder, the washing liquid and the clothes can only rotate regularly in the cylinder, and the clothes are not easy to wash.

3. The wall of the washing tub should be smooth. If it is an enamel bucket, check whether the enamel is peeled off. If it is a plastic bucket, you can press or knock it with your hand to hear whether there is any cracking sound. You should also check whether the bucket wall is too thin. Alloy laundry bucket, to check whether there is Burr, Weld leakage, etc.
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