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Three Must-Have Things For A Steam Car Wash Machine

by:GOWORLD     2020-05-31
A steam car wash is considered one of the most effective ways to clean an automobile. Steam is kind of a panacea for all sorts of cleaning maladies. It can dissolve dirt, remove stains, and help remove many impure build-ups and substances. However, the high temperature output of a steamer is not the only thing you require for steam car wash. What you need for effectively cleaning a vehicle are three things, namely, dry steam output, attached vacuum, and anti-bacterial technology. Dry steam output A number of companies claim to offer steam cleaning machines with dry vapor output. What exactly is meant by dry vapor? It means that water is heated to such a level that the liquid water content at that stage is less than 5 percent of the overall volume. The rest of the content is in the state of vapor. What do the thermodynamics have to do with steam car wash? Steamers with their obvious higher temperature clean faster and more efficiently. Now, as the liquid water content transferred onto the vehicle surface is low, the cleaning process becomes fast. Moreover, all kinds of dirt tend to drift towards wet surfaces. If a surface becomes dry quickly, it is likely to remain clean for a long time. So, steamers with dry steam output offer multiple benefits for a steam car wash business. Attached vacuum This is another mandatory feature of steamer machines used for auto detailing. A vacuum attached with it multiplies the effectiveness of a floor steamer. It extracts the dissolved dirt residues created by the high temperature output of the machine immediately. Without a vacuum, a floor steamer can just displace the dirt. A steam cleaning machine with attached vacuum is very important while auto detailing. A rough estimate reveals that a portable steam cleaner with attached vacuum can perform a task in less than half the time taken by a machine without vacuum. Its efficiency is several times more than that of manual removal of dirt. So, a car steam cleaner should have an attached vacuum. Anti-bacterial technology The specialty of a car steam cleaner is that it can offer twin advantages. A portable steam cleaner can clean as well sanitize the vehicles. The high temperature output of these machines in itself is a good sanitizer. Still, manufacturers of modern portable car wash machines go one step ahead and equip the machine with a specialized anti-bacterial technology. An effective anti-bacterial technology should have proven capability, certified by independent experts, to eliminate commonly occurring disease-causing microorganisms. These portable car wash machines not just ensure the cleanliness of the vehicle, but make sure that the interior and exterior of the vehicles are hygienic too. More Information For cleaning the exteriors of a vehicle, you can use a pressure wash system with a pressure level of up to 1500 psi. Buy a machine that is well equipped with all the necessary features for effective and quick cleaning.
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