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Three Simple Energy Saving Tips To Keep Your Tumble

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-25
Apart from changing your old Dryer for a new more energy efficient model, what else can you do to cut down on Tumble Dryer Running Costs?
1. Clean the fluff filter in your dryer Every time you use it.
Reason. Tumble Dryers blow hot air through and around the clothes to remove moisture. This hot air needs to flow through the filter. A blocked or partly blocked fluff filter slows down the air flow, increasing the drying time and wasting energy.
Tip. Keep an old detergent box near the dryer to empty the fluff from the filter into each time you clean it. That way you will only need to empty the box once or twice a month and you won't need to make a trip to the Trash each time you clean the fluff filter.
2. Check that the vent hose is not blocked with fluff or bent and kinked.
Why. A blocked or kinked vent hose will also stop or slow the air flow, meaning your dryer will take longer to dry a load of laundry and cost more in wasted energy. Clean the vent hose twice yearly and always make sure it is not badly kinked or bent.
3. Don't overload your dryer with too much laundry.
For clothes to dry quickly and efficiently in a tumble dryer the hot air must be able to flow freely around every item as it's tumbled around. Ideally laundry should be able to fall through the hot air stream freely and easily. When a dryer is packed too tightly or overloaded with laundry, you will often find some items are still damp while others are over dried.
A couple of smaller loads of similar weight will often dry quicker and more efficiently than 1 overload.
Most people set the drying time way too long. This means clothes are often over dried. This wastes a lot of energy. If you are thinking of buying a new dryer, pay a little extra and get a dryer that has an 'Auto Dry Setting.' Auto dry means that the dryer will stop as soon as the laundry is dry, no matter how long you have set the drying cycle for.
Money Saving Tip.
Take the damp laundry out of your washing machine, but don't stuff it straight into the drier, instead hang it out for a couple of hours or hang it on a laundry frame.
Then, when the laundry is a lot drier, load it into your drier for 10 or 20 minutes and run a short cycle. Result. Nice dry and crease free clothes without the large electricity or gas costs.

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