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Tips Reviewed of Washer Dryer Repair Solutions

by:GOWORLD     2020-05-31
While you are busy doing your laundry, the last thing you want is to have problems with your washer dryer. Though you would need to call the repair service for major faults, you can fix a few of the minor issues faced yourself. Here are a few of the common problems faced with these appliances and their quick fixes. 1. The machine won't turn on- 2. The washer didn't drain- This can be the most frustrating problem with the dryers, to find that your clothes are still under water after the full cycle. Make sure of the following of you face this issue 3. Leakage of water- Leaks can be caused by broken seals and are most likely to need repair service. There are three seals that may cause this problem the main tub seal, the front loading door seal and the water pump seal. 4. Dryer not heating up- Are you finding cold, damp laundry instead of warm and fluffy laundry. Make sure to check the following 5. The machine won't spin or tumble- The most common culprit is a broken or loose belt. You would be able to know this if you hear the motor running, even though the machine's drum is not spinning. A snapped or loose belt will need to be replaced. Also, in some machines, if the door isn't properly close, the machine won't spin. Make sure that the door is closed properly. If you still continue to face regular issues with your washer dryer, you may need to make the decision of fixing your machine or buying a new one. This decision needs to be based not just on the economics, but also on other factors like how comfortable you are with making frequent repairs, how old is your machine, whether you want to upgrade your machine, how much of water and electricity will be saved by changing the machine etc.
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