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Tips to Wash The Wool Checks

by:GOWORLD     2020-05-27
Wool is the softer material which needs special care while washing as it loses its shape as well as gets shrinks immediately if not washed with care. Below is the list of tips which need to be considered: Make sure your woolen item really needs to be washed: People wash cotton clothes very frequently but woolen need not to be washed frequently. You can wear wool checks many times without washing it. But be careful while washing it. Never wash it after wearing only once. Try to wash the spots immediately so that your clothes last for long. Soak woolen items in cold water for a few hours before washing: Before washing it dip the wool checks in the cold water for few hours. This method will help to remove the stain as well as stop the woolen item from shrinking. Spot should be clean immediately: Before cleaning the spots with water first try to brush it off so that it becomes little lighter. After that wash it with the cold water. This helps you to use the wool clothes for longer time. Use the branded products: Special products need to be selected for washing the woolen checks. People can create the washing material at home itself. They can take little amount of laundry soap or hand soap and mix it with the small amount of essential oil like lavender. The soap which you have used first needs to be mixed in hot water and then in cold water. You can also use baby shampoo instead of normal soap. Use small amount of soap as it increases felting. Wash wool checks in sink: As wool is the bad conductor of heat so never wash the woolen by rubbing it with itself. Wash it in the open sink as it will help to squeeze out soap very easily. Take care if you use a washing machine: You can wash the wool fabric in machine but with lot of care. First of all fill the machine with water and put the detergent in it. Allow the detergent to mix in the water. After that put the woolens in it press them down into the water. Keep them for at least 30 minutes and after that put it in the spinner. Allow the Wool Checks to go through the spinner for at least twice. Put woolen in flat shape: After washing the woolen clothes put it on the towel so that excess of water is removed.
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