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Types Of Carpet Cleaning Services

by:GOWORLD     2020-05-26
The kids track in mud, the dog has an accident, you spill some wine. All of these things can really do a number on your carpet. And using a carpet cleaning foam in a can isn't always the most effective way to get the stain out. Infact, if you rub it into the carpet, you are only working the stain in deeper and deeper into the carpet fibers. So it's time to call a carpet cleaner for their professional services. But sometimes, deciding which carpet cleaning company to go with can be a confusing choice. There are several carpet cleaning businesses around your city, and they all use different methods for doing the job. Some clean with steam, some use shampoo, and some use dry foam. Just what is this dry foam? Before you decide on any of them, you should learn about each type of carpet cleaning method and then you will be able to better choose which one you want to have used in your home. One of the most popular and effective methods that professional carpet cleaners use to get carpets looking their best is hot water extraction or 'steam cleaning.' This method uses a detergent that is sprayed on the carpet followed by spraying of hot water to help activate the cleaners in the detergent. The mixture of solution and hot water penetrates deep down into the carpet fibers loosening the dirt and grime that is stuck in your carpets. Then, the carpet cleaner professional uses a powerful suctioning device to pull up all the dirt, water and excess detergent. Afterwards, your carpets will be damp, but drying time is usually only a few hours. Opening a window to allow air to circulate may help them dry even faster. Another type of carpet cleaning Seattle that won't leave your carpets damp at all is dry foam cleaning. With this type of carpet cleaning, there are no liquid cleaners involved. A dry foam is sprayed on the carpets and then vacuumed up with a high powered suction device. It's another great way to get your carpets looking new, and not having to wait for them to dry. For businesses or office buildings that need carpet cleaning done, Bonnet cleaning is the process typically used. That is because most offices have low pile carpets. A bonnet cleaner is a heavy duty, large cleaning machine similar to a circular floor buffer that janitors use. After a detergent is sprayed on the carpets, the machine will use circular motions to scrub the carpets clean and suck up the excess.
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