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Vented V Condenser Tumble Dryers

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-19
When you're choosing a tumble dryer there are two distinct varieties you should investigate; the vented tumble dryer and the condenser tumble dryer. The main difference between the two is fairly self explanatory as the vented dryer requires a vent to outdoors whereas the tumble condenser dryer does not.
How to choose between vented and condenser
If you're replacing a vent tumble dryer you'll already know you have the facilities to cater for this type of appliance and are in a good position because you have more choice. If you're buying an appliance for the first time it is wise to check whether the room you intent to install the appliance in has a vent to outdoors. How do I know where the vent is?
If the house is already vented to outside you should find a small grill on the outside of your house. Usually these are placed in fairly obvious areas such as in an outhouse, utility room, kitchen or garage. The sort of place you would expect a dryer to go. It is unlikely the vent will be placed upstairs, in a bedroom or in the lounge.
One you have deduced whether or not your home has a vent you can choose your tumble dryer. Don't be dismayed if your house is not vented, you don't have to call the builders out. You can still buy a very effective condenser dryer.
The difference between vented and condenser tumble dryers
Vented dryers expel hot damp air through a venting pipe through an open window or through an outside wall with a vent in it. A tumble condenser dryer will send the damp air into a condensing chamber. Here it hits a metal condenser and the steam turns into water and is collected in a plastic tank. The tank must be manually emptied (a good idea is to do this as part of your dryer maintenance plan - e.g when you clean the lint filter). Some condenser tumble dryers may be plumbed into the drain.
Pros and cons
Vented pros:
Often cheaper to buy
Thought to be more reliable (although recent technological advances have seen condenser dryers improve to the same level as vented)
Less maintenance - don't have to empty water trap

Vented tumble dryer cons:
Can cause condensation if not properly vented which can lead to damp problems in a room
It is often inconvenient to push the hose out of a window so a vent is necessary
Can be difficult to clean/repair behind the dryer if properly vented

Condenser tumble dryer pros:
Easy installation
Good for upstairs flats without wall vents
Heat the room too - save on heating bills
Can be located anywhere - doesn't need to be near a vent

Condenser cons:
Water reservoir needs emptying regularly
Can be more expensive to buy

When you're looking for a tumble dryer it's important to make the right choice as the appliance could be part of your household for the next 10-15 years.

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