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Visit Great Wall of China From China Hotels

by:GOWORLD     2020-05-17
During your China Visit, if you're wondering to find a place for a stay nearby Great Wall of China, then there are many options open for you. Yes, famous Great Wall of China covers 5,500 miles from east to west of China, and it is known for its contribution as one wonder out of seven wonder of the world history. This historical place is more than a history for China; rather, it is counted as one of the most amazing structures which man has ever made in history. Thus, this place is very much famous for the tourists. So, many people love staying nearby this historical monument. Many China hotels can be witnessed around this place. In this article, different hotels located nearby this historical monument would be found. Commune by the Great Wall: this hotel is located at Badaling Highway, Juyongguan, China. It is one of the most contemporary designed hotels. Blend of present and past beauties of the region, this place is quite a treat for the guest as they can view the historical monument staying at this hotel. Due to the easy accessibility on Badaling Highway, it has made this hotel more desirable to the guest. Many modern amenities are found within this place. In combination of overall modernized commune ambiance, basic room package includes telephones, air-conditioned units, cable satellite/TVs, hairdryers, and also mini bar. This hotel also comes with baby-sitting services, parking spaces, a fitness center and laundry facilities. Sheraton Hotel: This world famous hotel with all facilities and huge accommodation capacity is well-equipped with many modern amenities like, air-conditioning units, cable television, full kitchen, telephones, high speed internet, deluxe bath amenities, a mini bar, free daily newspaper and voicemail. This accommodation arrangement offers accessible rooms for guests with physical disabilities. This hotel comes with 827 well-appointed guest rooms and out of which 98 are suites. Red Capital Ranch: Among other China hotels, this hotel is aesthetically so beautiful, as it is made of 10 stone cottages, a conventional teahouse and a Tibetan spa. Each room is decorated with several artifacts from China and Tibet. It is situated at NO.28 Xiaguandi Village, Yanxi Township Huairou District. This particular space is found to be the hunting ground of Qing Emperors. Getting the facility of extra beds for children can be provided in any room. This hotel also has a separate space for pets.So, in a nutshell, if tourists are coming to China, they are getting welcomed by better options for accommodation
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